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***below is a blog written by D, my buddy and sometimes partner in crime. He asked me to leave it "unedited," but I cleaned it up just a little. Enjoy his ramblings****
Hello mouseketeers...I'm D, I've been mentioned once or twice through the years on this blog by mouse (yes, I actually call her mouse in real life).
Since she's busy with work and I have absolutely nothing to do at my job today, I'm being the supply blogger. I have to say, this is my first ever blog and once you read this one you'll be thankful that it might be my last. Oh yeah, let me warn you..I'm no English major, so there will be mistakes and poor grammar. You have been warned!
So, for some reason I decided to accept mouse's offer to write her blog for today [it was more like a challenge than an offer, but whatever], I first thought about being my jerk self and write something stupid. After a second thought, I decided to take it seriously because she takes this blog space very seriously (couldn't disappoint her readers...well, disappoint more than this already will). When I was thinking of ideas for this 'supply blog' my brain went blank..which is not a rare (mouse can confirm that..haha). After some consideration, I figure I can try to do what she does but from a guy's perspective, well, at least mine.
I just turned 29 and I feel every bit that age physically...damn sports injuries! It's funny how back when I was in my late teens and early 20's, I would eat anything and everything and not worry about its effects. By everything I mean I would eat fast food almost on a daily basis and I could drink a can of pop like water. I would also eat sweets like no tomorrow. Luckily, I didn't really gain weight, so for me, life was great.
When I started hitting my mid 20's, things changed...only a little bit, but that was too much for me. I didn't gain more than 10 lbs, but my pants did get a lot tighter. Even though that's not a big change, being an athlete that change is big.
See, I'm a soccer player, so adding an extra 10 lbs makes a big difference. It takes you longer to get back into playing shape and it makes you susceptible to injuries. I seriously think that these extra few contributed to getting shin splints a few years back...and if you've had them, you know how much of a b*tch they are.
Being my stubborn self [UNDERSTATEMENT], I didn't really see fit to change my eating habits because I didn't see a problem with it at all...the food tastes good, so I'll kept eating it.
I realized that I needed to make changes to my diet when I my weight was 160 (throughout high school I was always between 135-140[he was a twig compared to me when i met him in university :P]). Like I said, it doesn't sound like much, but being a crazy soccer player and putting my body through the punishment that I do, it was a huge change. Also, working with some really healthy eaters started to rub off on me. One of the ladies I worked with at my previous job drank a lot of water and worked out at lunch. Just seeing that everyday helped it sink in and one day I decided to buy water instead of a can of pop.
That started the diet overhaul.
I also started cutting down the number of times I ate fast food, choosing a healthier alternative whenever possible.
I can honestly say that the change has been great and I honestly feel a lot better health-wise and in two years I haven't really had to deal with shin splints. Just by changing my food alone, I have gone down to 155, but that number is deceiving. I have also done some strength training so I know that some of the weight I lost has been replaced by muscle weight[I just laughed out loud]. My pants fit a lot better now too...hahahaha.
I will say, my eating is not as healthy as mouse's, but I'm happy where it is right now. One of the biggest changes that's happened since I started being 'healthier' (relatively speaking) is the way my body reacts to junk food. Sometimes my body goes into a shock just thinking of something really unhealthy ie. a really greasy BLT...its a weird reflex, but I like it.
Originally, I had told mouse that I was gonna rant about getting older and not being able to eat what I wanted (and how much it sucked), but as I started writing I noticed that I really have no major complaints about it...funny how things turn out.
I thought this blog thing was going to be more painful to write (it may have been painful to read, but you can direct your anger to mouse in the complaints dept). Actually, go ahead and let her know about this 'supply blogger' because I know she'll be amused by the complaints and make fun of me...but if you did like it (and me) and didn't find me that annoying, I am single...the line starts to the left!! hahaha (mouse is gonna kill me for that last one, but I had to be a jerk somewhere on this blog and it's good to give her a hard time).
Well, now I'm signing off...until the next time...maybe?!?! D I think the coolest thing about this is that D has a lot of the same perspectives as us and I didn't have to share anything with him. He came up with this all on his own, yet all of the reactions and experiences are the same that we have from making simple changes in our lives. Funny, eh? Too bad he isn't as funny as he thinks he is :)


Shirls said...

honestly I wish I had the insight when I only needed to get off 10lbs and made the healthy changes then, instead of waiting and punishing my body for all those years in between.. nicely done D!

Jennifer said...

That was cute! I loved reading it! :) D, come back soon? Pleeeease? I like how I still got a little bit of Mouse in the post too. YAY! :)

Natalie said...

Not bad D - you're not as bad as you make yourself sound! Actually, it was a really good read. Congrats!

Jen said...

*laughs* I love your little "tidbits" Marie!

Unfortunately ;p I think this was a fantastic post! he was a great pinch hitter, Mouse! Good to see it from a guys, non WWer perspective!

Angie All The Way said...

Great post! I agree, I wish I had been knocked with the sense when I was only 10 lbs overweight!

A Box of Chocolates said...

I was amused! Interesting hearing a guys point of view cause I try not to listen to them to often.

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