It’s not me, it’s my kitchen…RIIIIIGHT!

We’re always looking to place blame elsewhere. Hell – that’s how I got my nickname! So it really didn’t shock me when I came across this article through the Toronto Star that says our kitchens may be to blame for our expanding waist lines (I love the photo they used too). The tips they gave kill me. Let’s look at them and compare them to my kitchen, shall we? “Instead of bright lights around the eating area use dimmer switches to turn it down a notch” – I live in a very old house. There is actually only one light fixture in the room (that shines over the sink) and two small lamps in our kitchen (which is sort of L shaped and kind of longish) to light the rest. It is pretty dark, especially with one wall of exposed brick making it feel more warmish and cozy than anything else. My father actually comes into my house and COMPLAINS, asking if I’ve paid my electricity bill. So explain my weight issue before…. NEXT! “Instead of keeping fresh fruits and veggies in the crisper, where they keep a little better, put healthful foods at eye level.” – BAHAHHAHAHH! We keep the BEER in the crisper! The veggies are always out at eye level. Silly rabbits. NEXT! “Instead of wrapping all leftovers in foil or storing them in opaque containers, use see-through containers to store good-for-you table scraps, like the last few roasted veggies, a leftover ear of corn, or bits of grilled chicken.” – I am the QUEEN of Ziploc/Glad/Rubbermaid/Reusable storage containers. I think they multiply in my fridge at night, actually. NEXT! “Instead of stocking up on nukable pizza, mac and cheese, and other multi-serving, high-cal entrées, use see-through freezer bags to store portion-controlled snacks and low-cal meals.” – Have I mentioned my distaste for processed, prepackaged meals before? Should I mention it AGAIN? Should I beat you over the head with a bat too? And I didn’t really like them when I was 200lbs either. NEXT! “Instead of buying cookies, chips, candy, sugary cereals, and other diet undoers by the case, buy them in smaller packages.” – FINALLY! My downfall!!!! I have issues here. For the life of me, I have issues with buying single packs of things like chips or candy. I for some Godforsaken reason will buy a large bag when I have no reason to. Guilty as FREAKIN charged. NEXT! “Instead of eating family style with help-yourself bowls and platters on the table, serve from the stove to make seconds harder to reach.” – Done and done. I measure out my portion and put the rest away, in a reusable container (also portioned out) for another day. Take that, suckah! Granted, beforehand I would eat straight out of the pot, explaining my issue :) NEXT! “Don't watch TV or read while you eat. Getting lost in a book or TV show can cause you to lose track of how much you're eating.” – uh, I generally eat by myself. Just what am I supposed to do then? Perhaps stare at the brick wall??? Maybe I should buy binoculars and spy on the university housing complex behind my house instead. That’s not on your list. NYAH NYAH!! NEXT! “Instead of using a bouquet of flowers as the centrepiece, artfully arrange a bunch of seasonal fruits or veggies in a bowl. That will remind you to nibble between meals on healthful stuff”. – I thought you wanted that stuff in my fridge and for me to keep track of what I’m eating and not mindlessly eat. What the hell, people?! I don’t have the urge to eat fruit, or my flowers. I think I’m safe.

So let’s see…I learned one good thing for me out of eight. How about you?


Shirls said...

I learned that I love mouse just a little more each day :0) Oddly, I too have never had the urge to eat the flowers on my table AND if I'm eating alone I read and watch TV, if I'm eating with hubby we chat and watch TV :0)

Jen said...

*LAUGHS* "I don’t have the urge to eat fruit, or my flowers. I think I’m safe"....I concur!!!

And I second the binoculars...what a fabulous idea!

Jenn said...

We eat in front of the tv every night too - but not buffet styles, we make our plates and take them out.
guess I need to put the fruits and veggies on the coffee table in the living room or on the corner of my desk at home since I'm never at the kitchen table.
Kind of weird that the article is telling you to still buy the candy and cookies. I can just as easily eat 6 100 calorie packs as I could eat a handful of oreos.

Jennifer said...

Hey Mouse! Thanks for the link on the pride run. It sounds like fun... but I'm kind of scared. The last time I tried to run outside, I only did about 2K before I felt like I was going to die. But on a treadmill I have no problem running 5K. Isn't that weird? Do you think I could really run a 5K outside?

PS: Next time I see you, I'll show you my flab, haha. But thanks for calling me skinny :) Sometimes I wish I had a lean runner's body like you. *is jealous* Hehe :)

marie said...

runner's body - hahahahah! have you seen my thighs?! I'm a pathetic jogger, sweetheart and don't you forget it!

You have plenty of time. If you find running outside so difficult, run intervals of run/walking and build up to a steady run. You CAN do it!

Jennifer said...

Okay, maybe I will join :)

Who else is running the race besides you? And... skirts?

MizFit said...



CaRoLyN said...

Ahh always rebelling against popular opinion, that's why you are so great!

Seriously though? cookies and chips in the house...that's just setting me up for failure!

HappyBlogChick said...

The first one was news to me. Bright lights = eating more?

Dear gawd, get me out of Texas.

Shrunk said...

Love your comments, tff!

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