Finally - something good you can blame on the gov't

Governments take a lot of flack unnecessarily sometimes (other times it's pretty BANG on).

They're blamed for over-taxing us, overpaying workers to do nothing (which I take offense to *cough cough*) and giving us piss-poor services.

Well, have you ever considered opening your eyes and discovering everything it has to offer?

For instance, I was totally unaware that the province of Ontario has a new initiative called Eat Right Ontario.

The province is trying to help Ontarians "improve their health and quality of life through healthy and nutritious eating." They're providing articles on nutrition and health, recipes, healthy eating tips, meal planning advice and access to registered dietitians through a toll-free number.

Dietitians at the other end of the phone? I remember when I was 15 I had to get a doctor referral and wait about a month and a half to meet with one, now all I have to do is pick up the phone? SCORE!

The site appears to still be in its infancy and only contains general information resources, but I'm really impressed that anyone who wants help with questions about nutrition has a place to go and ask them right away.

The province is paying attention to the growing problem of our expanding waistlines and this is a step in the right direction.

Ontarians just need to step up and take the next steps themselves.


Shirls said...

must be nice to live in Ontario, where a lot of things are free, flu shots and healthcare come to mind as a prime example... just saying

Jen said...

That is fantastic!! I like how there is more and more information on "healthy eating" and "healthy lifestyles" these days! (though I have to agree with Shirls statement above!!!)

Vanessa said...

Nice! That's really cool about being able to speak directly to a dietitian over the phone. Some people just aren't sure how to access one, so they don't even try. Now it's easy!

marie said...

I don't see it with such rose-coloured glasses around here

1 in 9 Ontarians don't have a family doctor and the last stat shows that the percentage of doctors accepting new patients in the province is just under 10 per cent. With my last doctor, I had to book a physical almost two months in advance because of his over-burdened practice.

I'm thankful for the healthcare that tax dollars provide, but it's not picture perfect.

eurydice said...

this doesn't have anything to do with this post (although i think eatright.ca is a cool new initiative...). i have a question for you about running races, since you are the toronto race running queen!

i have never run a race before and i think it's about time. my runs are usually 4 or 5 miles, and i did my first 6 mile run last saturday, which is almost 10k. (i run 3 times a week.) what should i expect during a race? do you think it's reasonable to sign up for a 10k if i'm (fairly) confident i can do it (as opposed to starting out with a 5k?) i'm really not a competitive person in terms of sports - will there be lots of people who are just recreational runners running the race? for some reason the thought of racing makes me really nervous! thanks marie!

marie said...

eurydice - email me. addy in profile.

Sonya said...

We have our problems in ontario with regards to our health care system I agree with you there, but it is sure nice to see they are trying!

Shirls said...

sorry just have to add, I lived in Calgary for 16 years before I finally got a family doc, sure some years it was on me and I simply gave up but most often I gave up because I couldn't find one, not a single one that would take a patient, and I pay a monthly family healtcare price for this, "family" in my case being 2 people, but my peeps have 4, 5 or more in their family and they pay the same, just things that make me go hmmmm?

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