And so it begins...

I am so full right now, it's not even funny.
And I'm starting to HATE the colour blue.


Amuldoon said...

Wow.. that is A LOT of blue!!

Can you divulge more info about this challenge?

Did they contact you to ask you to participate?

Sarah said...

I am really intrigued by this. I can't wait to hear how everything goes! Are you aiming to lose weight? How much? We need more details Mouse!

Jen said...

*laughs* That is a LOT of blue!!! Some of their products are just SO friggin good though!!!

marie said...

They contacted me.
I eat their food.
My goal is to beat the digital devil into submission.

I'm on their 1500 calorie plan right now but toying with the idea of going to the 1800 due to my activity level.

I put a link to the plan I'm following this week under the UGH. Take a look at it. I'm excited to have salmon for dinner tonight.

SO not happy about all of the fruit I have to eat though.

Bi0nicw0man said...

How did they find you?

Are they paying for all of that? Cuz your week one shopping list was HUGE!

It's a lot of blue, but it looks like fun and at least you already know most of it tastes good. :)

Cat_82 said...

Holy crap! That is a lot of blue!!

Good luck Marie! I'm sure you'll see amazing results, especially considering how active you are!

Keep us updated!

Glam said...

That IS a lot of blue!

Can't wait to see how you do. The scale will bend to your will!

Good luck!

marie said...

You know what's sad?

I didn't even get everything on the list.

I missed:
-cooking spray
-pasta sauce
-cranberry orange cookies

I was going to go to NoFrills to see if they had them, but like Eurydice's blog today states, that place is full of rude people and makes me violent.

Sara said...

Good Luck!!!

katieo said...


So curious to see how it goes!!

Vanessa said...

That's a lot of blue!

Laura said...

Skip those cranberry orange cookies. They taste like ass (can I say that?). The meatballs are great. I use em all the time. I'm sorry you don't like fruit.

Shrunk said...

Haha, I kinda like all that blue.

Hey, isn't it weird how our scales always read the same? I was 145.2 for WI on Friday.

Sarah said...

I love the PC Blue Menu! I think that is probably a diet I could be on and like!

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