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Last week everyone was nattering on about the ruffles chips ads on the weight watchers messages boards.

At first, I thought they indeed were poorly placed. Many see chips as a trigger food and putting what appears to be a LARGE bag of chips on a page that many frequent to escape a snacking binge seems counter-productive.

They don't seem to fit the goal of the Web site or the food that is regularly featured on the site. Usually we're bombarded with 100 calorie packs, WW food and other uber processed food. These chips are only touted as lower in sodium.

So does that mean I can go back to eating a large bag in one sitting again like I used to?

Because I contemplated it all last night and was forced to go to bed at 9:30 p.m. because I was wrestling with the idea of going to the store and felt too weak that my only alternative was taking clothes out of the equation and drifting off to la la land so I couldn't go to the store (because yes, I would have gone in my jammies).

But now you jackasses have taken away the ruffles and replaced them with tostitos. This, for me, is worse. Does anyone really eat these things plain? I mean come on! We'll buy salsa, cheese, or worse, some of that cheesy con casa (I think that's what it's called) stuff that's like a heart attack in a jar.

Come on Weight Watchers! I know you need advertising dollars to keep up the boards, but please think about what you're directing our way. I don't think I can handle another day dreaming about chips.

And if I have nachos for dinner tonight, I blame you :P


Mandy said...

I dare say, it does seem a bit like a marketing ploy. Get us to eat more, then we need WW more. I'm just sayin'.....

Possibly? They are a business after all - I wouldn't put it past them!

Good for you for going to bed to resist a temptation.

Natalie said...

I commented on the GDT about that stupid ad. I'm sure they think they can get away with it because of the low sodium content.

Weigth Watchers is a for profit organization but they should really keep their primary focus on helping people make better food choices. I'm sure they're drooling over the big dollar signs dangled in front of them from Ruffles but it's all about self control wwers!

Sarah said...

I agree with you about the poor placement of the ads.

I for one never eat tortilla chips plain unless they are covered in some sort of powdery substance like nacho cheese :)

Sara said...

wow that is really bad. Shame on WW.

katieo said...

nachoooos. Mmmm.

btw- my husband eats them plain. But he's a weirdo.

Shirls said...

I could not stay and chat on the boards with those ads flashing by, seriously I could NOT do it, I can't believe that they actually thought this was productive advertising of any sort, when the ads (for any of the foods, 100 calories or not) first showed up I was pissed off, this is just too much, idiots

Angie All The Way said...

Firstly, I could eat an entire giant bag of those Multigrain Tostitos in one sitting, plain, and just by seeing that add of the other kind, could easily flip my mind into craving the Multigrain salty goodness.

Yes we should be in control enough to make an eating plan and execute it, but let's face it, every person on those boards (with the exception of the lifetimers and maitenance folks) are overweight and I'm sure it's true for everyong that indulging in snack foods was one of the reasons. Bad placement exactly.

And secondly, nothing pisses me off more than going to the movie theatre to see a movie which I paid to see and then commercials start playing on the screen in gigantic size where you're forced to watch after PAYING to see the movie. IMO ads should be ban from being forced on people who pay for whatever it is they are there to do. I understand that some of those message boards are free forums, but if you're logged onto the site, and you're a paying member, you should have to be subjected to the tempting ads in the first place. Hrmph!

Vanessa said...

Makes me glad I don't go to those boards anymore, because I would definitely be fighting crazy urges to snack on whatever salty, chip-like thing was within my reach. Stupid ads.

Anonymous said...

Hey Marie!
Hope you're good!! :):)
I am signing up for another 10K clinic...I need the motivation...Sam is doing it too ...starts on the 18th...I don't want to have to buy the next size bigger in clothes....yikes.

marie said...

Hi C!

I'll be coming out to run with you guys on Wed & Sun for sure! Wavering on signing up for the clinic though. Is Sam instructing?

Anonymous said...

No, she is just participating...she has not done much either - according to her..but she did get ENGAGED!!! The first couple of weeks will be tough tough tough but I CAN'T WAIT. Remind me of this comment when I fall down!

Sonya said...

It's great in a way to let people know it's out there, but I know what you mean. It's horrible for me to see ads like that sometimes because I'll go and buy the stuff and then eat the whole thing in a day or two. I still haven't learned the meaning of moderation.

Heather said...

that's why I don't go on the boards anymore..lol

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

I must say, I am quite a Ruffles fan myself. Love those things- but I don't keep them in the house, because, well, you know, I eat them like a maniac.

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