Dear Clinic Instructor

We know you mean well, really, and I'm sure you've had FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC feedback before, but you're running the risk of losing two participants as it stands right now, and a potential third that was going to sign up to support her peeps. Let us go over some of the highlights of tonight's run:
  • Introducing a part of the route as a "sketchy" part of town. As far as I know, you just met your clinic participants LAST NIGHT. Do you know them well enough to call what could potentially be their neighbourhood sketchy without offending? Yeah, didn't think so...
  • No clue who was keeping track of time and my time seemed to be two minutes behind the "official" time yet I started my Garmin RIGHT when we started off at the corner. I adored having my walk break ahead of you and then getting mocked by other girls for not taking advantage of the said walk break because I was "going to need it." Yeah sweetheart. I sure did. That 5k REALLY kicked my ass...
  • Why did we walk to the corner anyway? That baffled me. Isn't this a RUNNING clinic?
  • Where's your damn whistle? Not everyone runs at the same speed and at the first walk break your group was pretty spread out along the street. Why are you running up and down the group to let them know it's time to walk? Seems like you're going to run yourself ragged that way
  • Criss-crossing traffic to avoid a bit of ice. Uh, why didn't we just stay on the other side of the road to begin with? ...oh, sorry. I'll avoid using logic...
Yeah, I don't know. We can't tell if we're being bitchy or what but we're hoping things get better. I guess we've been spoiled by Sam for long and have had clinics that were well organized, safe and, above all else, FUN, that this is baffling us. We'll give you another shot until we do something drastic like turn our smarmy comments into feedback or use the law of two feet (not enjoying ourselves, leave type deal). We'd hate to run away from something we love so much. But then again, we hear the half clinic is pretty kickass. Maybe you've just pushed me into running Mississauga...hmmm. Anywho, just some food for thought - pick up the pace, would ya? Thanks!


Amuldoon said...

OH MY GOD! I could have wrote the same thing about the instructors of my half clinic. Friggin horrible!

They took us to a hill that had a friggin like 90 degree turn in it. You should copy and paste your post today into the evaluation section of the RR website. She needs to know whats going on!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping the pace slow for me last night....I know....I am a lame &*^ and clearly enjoyed winter a bit too much. I will improve I promise. My calves are killing me today though due to the Phoebe way I run. HAPPY EASTER !

marie said...

bahahahha - C, you so do not phoebe run. she puts her arms up in the air.

maybe we should try that next week :)

Amy - why aren't YOU instructing the darn clinic?!

Jen said...

*laughs* sounds brutal....eek!!!

Hmmm...sounds like inspiration to the half clinic though!!

Vanessa said...

I agree with Jen, brutal!

Hope it gets better :)

Cat_82 said...

Yikes....you should totally send this in...

Sounds awful, you're right, what if someone lived in that 'sketchy' part of town?...I'd feel horrible if someone described my neighbourhood as sketchy.

Heather said...

I joined a running club once who had THE WORST LEADER EVER. Didn't keep times, had no idea where were going, didn't have a whistle, let us run several miles past our week's goal (it was a beginner runners club). It was SO ANNOYING. Side note: Strangely, I went out with him a few times, cause I found myself strangely attracted to him. But then on our third date, he asked me about wanting kids and stuff, and I told him he was smothering me and that was that.

Anonymous said...

You should for sure send this comment in.

I am kicking myself for not sending in my feedback for the WLTR clinic that I quit last year.

My problem was basically that they were pressuring the 5K at the half way mark and moving me too quickly.

Sometimes I wonder about some of the RR instructors!


Anonymous said...

Have you ever taught a clinic? Maybe it was her first time? Maybe she was overwhelmed and a little bit nervous? People who teach these clinics are regular people who like to run, I'm sure she didn't go to teachers collage, she is probably taking a step out of her comfort zone and trying something new by instructing, now she is going to smacked up the side of the head with people who are "hard to win over" and overly opinionated. Give her a flipping break, just because it's not like "Sam's" whoever this wonderful person maybe take the experience, maybe mention it would be safer to do or to do that, or if there is a lot of people in the clinic to set up pace groups. She is not going to please everyone she is donating a lot of time for 10-14 weeks for a whole lot of nothing. Give her a chance and stop being so hard on people.

Jen (Former RR clinic instructor)

marie said...

Hi Jen!

She's not new.

I think I mention in the first line that I'm sure she's had positive feedback before. I thought that would have made it clear that she's experienced.

But thanks for "being hard" on me!

Amuldoon said...

In the chance that 'Jen' comes back... I am a former Running Room instructor also.

Yes, we are just regular people that are paid peanuts to lead a clinic... but at the same time you need to have tact.

Running 10:1's are key at the RR as you well know. So being 2 mins off is a pretty big deal. If she has no whistle, at least have enough group leaders to ensure that everyone can know when to walk.

I took great pride in being an instructor, and it pisses the hell out of me when people don't share the same passion that I did. I love to run, and I want to share that with my clinic participants. And you know, I think I managed to do that. Many of my LTR and 5k runners are now at the half level... and that makes me know I did my job!

That feels better.

Erin said...

A few years ago I signed up for a clinic and I lasted about 3 weeks - my instructor drove me nuts! She was just a know-it-all and condescending, it was not fun at all.

marie said...

See, instructors like Amy and Sam make me want to come back.

Did I say anywhere that they were all the same?

I know of A LOT great RR instructors.

Who's poo-pooing all of them? Because I certainly wasn't.

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