Year of the (lab) rat

Ok, so I found weird stuff at the grocery store today and I felt like being the lab rat du jour.

Test #1

Lean Cuisine Paninis
(odd - the Canadian site has NOT been updated to reflect the fact that we now carry them so i had to link to the US for the actual products. Weirdos.)

Now, normally I LOATHE pre-packaged meals more than pop music or fruit, but I thought I'd give them a whirl because I do like having them around in a pinch (read: when I'm lazy) and I like knowing what's new because A LOT of my coworkers eat these things EVERY FREAKIN DAY and it scares the bejesus out of me.

So far, so good. The box doesn't offend me.

I chose the Chicken, spinach and mushroom one because I lurve me my veggies and chicken...plus I am a sucker for ANYTHING with spinach in it (maybe it's a popeye thing...which also explains why I have a thing for guys with big arms. hmmm).

And now I am OFFICIALLY scared. The idiot proof instructions on the inside are HILARIOUS too.

That is a BUTTLOAD of cheese and the thing smells a bit like butter.

HOW THE HELL does it fit together in the end and THEN fit in your mouth and is ONLY five points?

It does NOT smell pleasant in my kitchen right now.

It better taste good.

hmmm...it does look good...

Let's try it out...

It does oooze out of the bread a little but overall it's ok

Oops. I guess I ate it a little too quickly!


It's good for a five point sandwich but I won't be running out to stock up my freezer with them.

I'd definitely buy them OVER a lean cuisine meal but I'd always advise people to make their own meals over relying on pre-packaged stuff every day of the week. You can do a lot more in your kitchen for five points than that.

but sammiches are loverly.

and who doesn't love cheese? :D

Test #2 will come later!


Darla said...

Love the photo story! :) Too cute. I'm a long time reader but first time commenter! Love your writing style.

Crabby McSlacker said...

Thanks for being the lab rat!

I don't have much luck with frozen meals, but I keep trying because I LOVE the idea of having something all ready to eat that just needs heating up. What can I say--I'm lazy.

Sometimes I'll find one I almost think I like for a week or two, but then something snaps and all of a sudden it tastes like crap again like all the rest of them.

Even the "healthy" brands never taste like real food. I don't get it. When I put leftovers in the freezer, they may not be awesome, but they still taste like food when I take 'em out again. Why can't the store-bought stuff do that? It's a mystery.

Jen said...

Two comments my dear:

a) a mouse cannot be a lab RAT


b) of COURSE Mouse likes cheese


I thought they looked pretty tasty too...I never get it...these prepackaged foods are so low in points and the "healthy" home made ones with whole foods and non processed products are way higher in points...but ALWAYS way tasty!!

Sara said...

so I'm going to shock you here. We tried those in Myrtle and guess what. Justin decided to try and make is own!! Actually they were very good - both types!

MizFit said...

my husband ADORES those.


perhaps Ill cave in and try---Im not usually a fan o'frozen sandwiches :)

thanks for being the lab rat!

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