They're selling rations at the store?

Seriously - this is what it looks like.

HELLO meal in a bag!

Uncle Ben has decided, in his infinite wisdom, ...ok, maybe not the dude himself but the peeps behind the figure head...to create "Bistro Entrees" - a complete meal of rice, veggies and MEAT in a bag that's ready in two minutes (and again, no site update to reflect new products. what is up with you people?).

uh...come again?

Meat...in a bag? COME ON!

I was down with just the plain old rice in a bag that was ready in two minutes. Those things are wicked cool and I had managed to convince Jeepers into eating rice with them despite their sodium levels (they can be up to 30 per cent of your daily intake).

They're good though as they're about a portion and a half to two portions in them. They are good solution for busy single people like us who don't feel like making a pot of rice for just themselves at the end of the day.

But adding chicken and veggies in there?! Colour me skeptical.

Let's rip this bad boy open.

Yup. Just as I suspected; little to no meat and when there is, they're tiny pieces and the veggies are non existent.

It's all over seasoned, over powering smelly rice that has the blandest yellow colour ever.

So not appealing to look at.

and the taste...

Do I look impressed?

TOTAL waste of 7 points.

I would have MUCH rather wasted it on the beef cacciatore that was in my slow cooker with a half cup of brown rice.

If you are interested, they had about four different types - a Mexican flavoured one, a fried rice version and another one ...bah...I forget. I chose the one with the lowest point value of 7. They range from 7 to 9 but their sodium levels are about 50 per cent of your daily intake.



So what do I have to follow up this LOVERLY meal with?

A freakin litre of water. With the sodium from the panini and then from this blasted rice dish, I'll need to be chugging these things back until kingdom come to be flushing it out of my system.

If this isn't a PSA to read the NI, I don't know what is.


ashley said...

Ewww! My boyfriend eat seasoned, cook chicken breasts out of the bag. 2 minutes and they're done! I'm not one for bagged meat (actually, I am a vegetarian, so I'm not much for meat at all!), but he says they are great!

Thanks for the tip on this "meal". I know I'll have to pass on it!

P.O.M. said...

Oh... sodium city. Nothin's as good as home made, is it? I have to admit that meat in a bag scares me.

Jennifer said...

Ewww that is nasty! Thanks for the heads up! I love the normal Bistro Express rice... but meat in a bag? No thanks! :P

Jen said...

Ick!!! Definitely not one for meat in a bag!!

I do like the handy dandy rice ones though!! yummy (but yes, salty!! It's bad when you can really taste it!!)

jodi said...

total ripoff of money and points, geesh... your slow-cooker meal sounds much tastier - can you share the recipe (unless you already have then disregard)... :o)

Laura said...

And, I'm certain it's full of MSG, to which I am allergic. Thanks for the warning.

Shrunk said...

Thanks for the review, I'll be sure to steer clear from this one!

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