Pardon me while I geek out...

It was bound to happen after working in IT and communications for so long... But Mere, your comment made me think - I don't think we really are JUST consumers here and something like PodCamp Toronto 2008 applies to all of us. We produce blog posts almost every day, whether we're just typing up food journal posts to keep us accountable or emptying our minds of the various musings that they contain for the day with respect to weight loss, exercise, our jobs, kids, spouses, what have you. We DO produce something. Some even do video blogs and employ other media than simply text on a page. And whether we like it or not, we eventually get caught up in technology that spins off from social media and networking. Maybe I'm the odd one out here because of my difference in background but I can see several blogs who do use the technology and use it well and run successful blogs because of it in our genre. These aren't the techno-blogs. These are health blogs, exercise blogs and weight-loss blogs. You don't have to be a "geek" to know about these things and employ them well. And you don't have to have a commercial interest in them. Podcasting is for anyone with a message and a voice. Speak up and be heard.


meredi said...

Oh, don't get me wrong, I know I'm definitely a producer of content, even on tiny Merestone. I'm just not a producer of *audio* content :) (and don't really have an interest in it, even though I am a MASSIVE podcast consumer.)

I feel at times in my past I've actually focussed more on the people reading my blog and site than on myself, writing the content for them. It's a definite sign you're a producer when you start to take your audience's needs more into account than your own needs. More often than not, that crossed the boundary for me. It was what made maintaining my site less appealing. There was this constant pressure to have interesting, fun content available on a regular basis -- and that wasn't really why I got into the game in the first place.

It's funny how things evolve from 'personal project' (done for oneself) to 'project for other people'. If you can find the happy medium where both are true, it's fantastic, but I have found in the past that I have routinely crossed over, and that's where it wasn't fun anymore.

I wonder if this makes sense :)

I used to spend my life on my site (this is what it used to look like, way back when: meredi.com, circa 1999). Now I can't even figure out I want to put up there. When I upgraded my blogging software I didn't even take the effort to restore my original design.

Power to the people who have something to say :) I'm so glad you exist! I just don't have the drive anymore. My day of major production has passed, for now at least. :) Perhaps if I didn't spend all my days designing sites for other people I would feel differently!

Shrunk said...

Wow - this is all wayyy over my head :OP

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