My brother went to disney and all I got

was pre-packaged, processed food (and a starbucks mug).

In all fairness to them, I did ask for Hostess Carrot Cake Cupcakes.

I have a mad obessesion with those things and we CANNOT get them here! My sister-in-law Jeanette brought me back a pack, but also brought me a pack a blueberry ones to try. She had also branched out and picked up a cinnamon and the chocolate type, but not being a fan of cinnamon and knowing the chocolate ones were kind of balls, I let her keep those ones as souvenirs.

But she brought back these little pieces of evil too.

Because you know, Oreos on their own weren't bad enough, we had to candy coat them in order to make them more delicious and tempting.


And me finding the cakesters the other day in the grocery store didn't hurt, I have a feeling this is going to be baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.

But still, I'm baffled - You go to Disney, your sister's nickname IS FLIPPING MOUSE and you buy your DAUGHTERS mouse ears with their names on them, but your sister? Just food.


Makes perfect sense.

After all, she writes a blog about this shit, right?


Mandy said...

I had to turn my head when I saw those Cakesters in the store the other day. I almost grabbed a box for my man but thought better of it because I knew who would be eating them - moi. So I resisted!

And for shame they didn't bring you back mouse ears! Of all the absurd things! ;)

Sarah said...

The oreo candy bites are SO yummy! The Chips Ahoy are to die for as well.

Trish said...

I have yet to buy any of these 100 bag snacks, because I would sit there and eat bag after bag negating the calorie control these are suppose to offer, lol.

No mouse ears? Send 'em back!

Jen said...

*laughs* I agree, you would think there would even be a mouse topped pen in there somewhere (I seriously love those things...the ones that look like a crazy straw shaped like mickey mouse head??? Only it's a pen...except for that I look like a big dork using it!!!)

Um, yeah, anyway!!! That's a LOT of 100 cal packs!!! Good thing they are a top your fridge!!!

I saw the cakesters too...but then I also saw the NI!!!! And back they went on the shelf!!!

Jennifer said...

OMG I would give anything to get my hands on those Hostess cakes! You are a lucky mouse! :)

Natalie said...

Mmmm... The food looks so yummy! New food is so fun.

But I'm sorry he forgot to get you the ears. If I ever go to Disney, I'll pick up a pair for ya. Promise!

Angie All The Way said...

Yup, they really dropped the ball on that one eh! I'm sad I'm not looking at a picture of you with personalized mouse ears!

I seriously have to stay away from those 100 cal packs.

eurydice said...

100 calorie packs are the devil! it's really interesting to see what products are available in the US though.

marie said...

I'm over the 100 calorie pack binge thing.

I usually pack one with my lunch and one after dinner.

That crap will be around for over a month.

In fact, I still have three packs of cupcakes from when I went to Buffalo last month with D.

Give me a pot of pasta though and we have another story...

Sara said...

I hear you about the pasta!! Oh god I'm hungry.

Anywhoo, no mouse ears that is totally sacriledge!!

Sarah said...

I am such a 100 calorie pack addict! I want those oreos!

Shrunk said...

When "Cakesters" came out, my Dh's friend (whom I call the CookieMan) so generously sent an entire case home with him. They are all gone now, and I'm proud to say I didn't even have ONE because I nearly fainted when I read the NI!

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