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Definition courtesy of one of my favourite sites, Merriam Webster. ====================================================== starving
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Main Entry:
starve Listen to the pronunciation of starve
Inflected Form(s):
starved; starv·ing
Middle English sterven to die, starve, from Old English steorfan to die; akin to Old High German sterban to die, and probably to Lithuanian starinti to stiffen — more at stare
15th century
intransitive verb1 a: to perish from lack of food b: to suffer extreme hunger ====================================================== You're on a plan where you're eating, what - 1100-1500 calories a day on average (correct me if I'm wrong. I like learning something new)? I somehow DOUBT you're starving. You're not going through EXTREME hunger. If you are, take a bite out of your arm or something. I don't want to read about how your 24-30 some odd points aren't enough so you had to have a bag of cheetos to tide you over because you were OH SO STARVING. Unless you're falling down, shaking and dizzy, you're going to be OK. Train your brain to know when it's REALLY hungry and when it's NOT. And yes, I know your body can go into STARVATION mode if you eat BELOW a certain caloric amount, but if you're eating ALL OF YOUR POINTS, you AREN'T STARVING. USE THE WORD WITH CARE. signed, pedantic mouse


Jen said...

Hm...on the fence on this one...I think your body does wonky things when it doesn't have enough food BUT I don't call it starving...I also often say I am starving but I am not...I am not shaking or unable to function...I just want food...like five minutes ago!!!

marie said...

I think it's a quality/quantity debate.

Claiming we're "starving" because we want to pig out or because we scrimped on the points for a meal - only you can be the judge of that.

It's your meal plan - you planned it. Own it.

Just open up your dictionary and pick the APPROPRIATE WORD!

jodi said...

oh this is a good one... would love to know more about the person on the other end... ;o)

Anonymous said...

could we create a word for this?

starving-ish...no...something better than that....

it would mean: sick of paying attention/caring what I eat; wanting to eat like i used to before i cared; feeling like i need to eat when i dont need to but cant get my brain to agree with that thought...

i have said i'm starving, but really i'm the made up word with the meaning above..


Diet Coke and Zingers said...

Hmmm... that's strange, I thought the definition of starving was:

Going without baked goods and or diet coke for more than two consecutive days

Guess I may need to rethink that?

Kathy said...

There's probably an alternative meaning for the word starving that refers to the feeling dieters have when they are weak with the "I NEEDS"...I NEED chocolate...I NEED chips...I NEED REAL COKE!!! It is a mental and emotional need rather than a physical one...but just as uncomfortable for the sufferer.

marie said...

No - that's a WANT, not a need.

So unless you're living in a nation suffering from economic woes where food and resources are scarce or you're in dire financial need and don't know where you're next meal is coming from, I beg of you, PLEASE DO NOT USE THE WORD STARVING

-pedantic, pms-sy mouse

Bi0nicw0man said...

bwahahahaha, good one Mouse.

I assume this must come from same ridiculous tirade on the GDT?

Jenn said...

I love this post!
I am also getting sick of people whining about being starving, but then they stop at the candy bowl every time they walk by. Don't ask my how to lose weight and then go back to your desk with a piece of chocolate, and then tell me you are starving because all you had for lunch was a nutrigrain bar! (rant over!) :)

Angie All The Way said...

Yikes. True enough. People exaggerate anything and everything to punctuate a point and it has now caused people to skew their idea of what the words actually mean.

I visited a poor village once when I was in DR and I stuck with me forever and always will. Point taken.

Cat_82 said...

Hmm....I totally used the word 'starving' when I was talking about how I ate the giant cookie the other day....now I feel bad. I was just exaggerating....It was after work and I was feeling really hungry. I didn't mean that I was literaly starving....

Caroline said...

I'm with Jodi... I want to know where this comes from. Sounds like a fun story!

marie said...

There have been posts on the GDT of late, yes, and I've read umpteen blog posts that contain the word lately so no one should feel as though it's a personal attack.

If I were personally attacking you, you'd know it.

Eye gouging and hair pulling are my specialities;)

Now excuse me...I have crap loads of work to do and I'm spending more time on here than I would like to.


Sara said...

Well considering I'm superfluous by nature I love to use starving. But will note not to use it around you. And thank you for giving me a chance to use my fave word!

And really I'm quite upset, I was all excited coming into these comments to see like a verbal battle going on and nothing. Oh the times when your rants resulted in like all out wars in the comment sections - the good ole days!!

marie said...

bahahhha - sara!

do i intimidate people or something? are people afraid to engage the rodent?

please don't tell me i actually made sense for once! maybe hell froze over or everyone is in a love filled, chocolate induced coma...

A Box of Chocolates said...

Guilty as charged!!

Charlene said...

LOL...seriously...There's never a bad time for an eye gouge! The over the shoulder nostril toss is another good attack if you can get over the part about your first two fingers being up their nose :-)

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