Just when I was getting excited...

About running outside again, mother nature sends me this bag of crap.
The snow and ice were finally melting and I could see the sidewalks in my neighbourhood.
I could FEEL my ears when I walked the three blocks to the subway sans hat and I stopped thinking about lambchop being oh so far away from me (who has since been returned with unwanted gifts - I'll blog about THAT later!).
But this ...THIS is definitely an unwanted gift.
Don't get me wrong, I do like snow, but with the whole losing weight and being cold all of the time coupled with the snow + Toronto = stupidness lately, running outdoors seems out of the question. Well, not so much OUT of the question but it makes it not as pleasant.
I have the Spring Run Off April 5th and Sporting Life on May 4th and I don't want to be a caged mouse until then.
I want to roam free, dammit!
I'm tired of choking on the cologne of the guy next to me at the gym :(


Natalie said...

I hear that. I think this has been the most miserable winter I can remember. I thought I could smell a hint of spring this morning. Wishful thinking I think!

Sara said...

I think I may try and run tonight -I haven't had a chance yet to use my jacket and the snow is melting when it hits. We'll see but I'm really hoping.

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