Ah blogging I missed you soooo

Sweet Jeebus! I think the stars are against me! First, I have zippo in terms of time at workie poo to check on y'all let alone track my food or reply to the ransom messages D is sending me for my lambchop mittens I stupidly left in his car after our adventure to Buffalo a couple of weekends ago (seriously - he's asking for $1 million dollars or a home-cooked meal. Weirdo). But if that wasn't bad enough, my home Internet connection has been absolute balls for the last seven days. No sooner do I log into my E-mail, I get booted out and sit there scratching my head. Being a geek, I've tried to troubleshoot the problem myself but to no avail. Then I called the "lovely people" at Sympatico only to have them tell me to clean my temp files in my Internet Explorer (which I especially appreciated as I only use firefox) and I then asked for my call to be escalated to second tier support ...blah...I'm talking geek again. It seems to be working now though (after the last call of yelling and calling them clowns and telling them the situation was bologna) and I'm a happy mouse. The downside is I have two days worth of blog reading to catch up on and I don't even know WHERE to start on updating y'all on what is going on in my life! I think I'm going to have to start writing on crap on my treo on the subway and make better use of the hour I spend commuting back and forth each day.... because Sympatico could cut me off from you all again. Who knows - maybe bologna is a bad word and I didn't know it.


Jen said...

Well I am glad you made your way back to us!!!

Bologna is always a bad word in my books...I grew up in a newfie household and I just can't look at the stuff anymore...(not that that really has anything to do with your post)

Shirls said...

I'm thrilled that you can "geek" with the best of them and make sure you get what you need to be up and running, I love checking in with the mouse, and really what better use of time is there on the commute? stare and make faces on keep us informed? LOL

I'm glad the new job is keeping you challenged and busy :0)

and don't give in to the kidnappers demands, they NEVER do that in the movies ;0)

Erin said...

I detest Bell and Sympatico, and they have the WORST customer service EVER! I get all worked up even before I have to call them, knowing in advance that it will be a battle. Argh. I feel your Sympatico pain.

TrixieBelden said...

well, you've been missed my dear. i was wondering if your nieces mouse-napped you.

Merry said...

Hey, those people start giving you grief, just send them to me. I am Just In The Mood. >:-< (scowl)

Besides, if they knew how vital your blog was to a myriad of hungry readers who need to get their fix, they'd soon change their snooty little tune!

The blogger formerly known as Mary

Sarah said...

I totally understand. I've been to busy to read blogs since Thursday, there's SOOO much to read!!!!

P.S. Bell sucks. I just cut them out of my life forever, it felt so good!

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