What a good way to start the year....


You're a week late, mother nature, but thanks.

We have a snowfall warning here in TO and southern Ontario, but did I let that stop me from running?


Well, not at first. I made my way up Yonge St. for a planned 7km run, but chickened out at Rosedale Valley Rd. and came back. The snow was whipping my ass, er, I mean my face so I ended up only doing about 4.5km (Garmin and iPod aren't agreeing again).

The best part was ending at starbucks, having chunks of snow and ice fall off of my hat and then having the oddest piercing conversation known to man with my barista.

Great way to start a brand new year !


rusty61 said...

Happy New Year! Great job for starting off with exercise (and a coffee treat). You've inspired me to change into my workout clothes and give it a go.

Have a great day!

Wheebs said...

Hooray for starting out the new year with a run! Oh, and some Starbucks too ;).

Good luck in 2008!

ThickChick said...

You're so brave! I don't think I'd weather the elements like that! I think if I lived in a snowy climate I'd be a total couch potato several months out of the year. Good for you for resisting the urge to hole up at home!

marie said...

Believe me, I try to use it as an excuse A LOT. but the temps weren't below -10 so I had no excuse.

I love that my footprints are the lone ones on the sidewalk in the pic from my front porch though :P

CaRoLyN said...

We are getting hit in NB too! We've had about 30 cms so far and it's still going! Grr.

Kudos to you for getting out in the snow!

Love the resolutions too! I think you inspired me to sign up for a 5K!

Mel said...

I agree that starbucks is a great way to start a new year!!!...oh were you talking about the running part being the way to start it?? Yeah, not so much!!!

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