Arms of my own

Today was supposed to be my NEW weigh in day... But thanks to this lovely cold and a BAZILLION thoughts of the upheaval that is about to happen in my life (which you will get an update on next week, probably), I sort of forgot. I've gone from weighing myself everyday to not giving a rat's ass at all. I find that REALLY weird. But I think it has to do with my being a bit disappointed with my place in life right now and hopefully the changes that are about to take place will set everything back into motion and put me back on the right path I was on before... Or at least getting rid of this BLASTED cold will do the trick. But then I went and read the simplest of entries this morning that reminded me that not all tales are told by the scale, as we always tell each other. Vickie wrote the sweetest of entries today that put me in my place. She reminded me to look at my arms. Such a simple thing. The things I was normally ashamed to show unless it was boiling hot (like that day ...and what you CAN'T see is that I have a matching black cardigan tied around my waist, which I promptly put back on for the next pic when I saw JUST how big my arms appeared). Now it's something I don't even think about. I wear tank tops with confidence and show off my "pipes" even if they're a teeny bit flabby with extra skin. So don't worry about the muffin tops, the extra skin, the digital devils not telling you what you want...you've come a long way baby and you OWN what you have. and now I will go own a box of kleenex and some tea.


Jen said...

Aw, that's sweet!!!

OOh, I can't wait to hear your big news!! Is this the same big news from a while ago that you couldn't tell anyone about???

eurydice said...

are you still at work? i hope you feel better soon...

Sara said...

Hope all the upheaval turns into wonderful and great things. I hope you get to rest this weekend so that your cold is completely gone. And lastly I hope that my arms will one day look like yours.

Angie All The Way said...

That "after" pic of you up ther shouldn't hiding behind the "before" one anymore, it should be partly covering the before one!

You epitomize healthy success right there girl, completely.

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

Smiling USED to be my favorite. But now YOU'RE my favorite.

Antonia Z said...

No, no, no!!!!

It's a vicious circle, girl.

You are disappointed with your place in life leads to emotional eating and letting go leads to being disappointed leads to eating leads to disappointment leads to slacking off leads to disappointment.


Do not hold yourself up to impossible standards.

What you need to do is get back the eye of the tiger, as I call it.

Maybe you had too much riding on what being skinny would be like and, when that didn't materialize ... well, you know.

One day at a time, Marie.

We are all pulling for you.


katieo said...


Needed this today.

No Where to Run ... said...

you remind me of how "normal" it is to want/need something "more" even when we really aren't sure why. thanks for being an inspiration to me--AGAIN.

Shrunk said...

I don't really like my switch to Fri WI's, thinking of switching back. Fridays are just too crazy.

I love the arms thing. That really hits home.

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