you know your life is sad when...

you do three loads of laundry and one full load is running/gym gear. *sigh* I need another hobby....NOW. ***11:30 edit*** now THIS bit of news arrives in my inbox. do i NEED another running skirt? *sigh AGAIN*


I want...

that frappuccino you're drinking for breakfast...as you walked past me up Bay St. this morning. YES, YOU! With what only looked like a Grande, Mocha Frappuccino Blended Coffee with whipped cream and chocolate sauce. I don't NEED it but you were having it and it was before 8:30a.m. and it is getting up to 30 degrees and dammit I WANT one NOW! Why did you have to do this to me? Things were going so well... I was SOOOO good last week. I can pass by the bazillions of people drinking ice caps on the way to work but the lone frappuccino sunk me. and a pumpkin scone too please. or maybe I'll try your new carrot cake square. Thanks :P


THANK YOU to the guy in the dump truck

driving up York St. around Lakeshore Blvd. W. at 9a.m. this morning. Because you craning your head back to stare at me as I ran on the sidewalk and you almost ploughing through that red light really was priceless (there wasn't any traffic coming eastbound to hit him, luckily). I think I will go for a second NSV today and attempt to wear a bathing suit without a t-shirt over it for the first time since...holy crap...probably childhood, as I take the ankle biters to the pool. We'll see if they even want to go. Perhaps we'll just go to the beach and enjoy the jazz festival. Dancing munchkins are always entertaining :)


now who is being misquoted?

"Also gained back on WW" uh...say what? i have a HARD TIME believing you gained it back while being ON PROGRAM on weight watchers. and it's not the first time I've read something like this. I read this OVER and OVER and OVER again. Someone is either not being honest with themselves or with the program...or both. I know exactly how I gain weight back and it isn't being ON program. It's being DISHONEST and making bad choices. I think eyeball measuring is ok vs. weighing meat or cups of pasta, I think a bite here of a cookie or muffin or cake won't add up but when I do it every day for a few weeks it eventually does. For some strange reason I'll *forget* to track the points for the candy I mindlessly consumed at Li's desk in the afternoon when I stood there talking to her about some work issue or the frappucino I bought on the way back from a client's office. THESE THINGS ADD UP - in your tracker and on your scale. You may get away with it for a week and get back on program and then *poof* your scale goes up and suddenly weight watchers is the bad guy.... yeah right. who's had their hand in the cookie jar, eh? It certainly wasn't the program. It's squeaky clean. Time for you to fess up and quit placing the blame elsewhere. I'm tired of you dissing my bf. He didn't do anything wrong. ...well, there's that whole smartones thing, but i've already forgiven him for that.


fat friends make fat friends?

I don't know about you gals (guys - never know who's reading anymore), but I was the pretty much the lonely fat friend. I was the one who had to go with the slimmer buddies to the mall as they shopped and sort of stood off to one side because I couldn't really shimmy my hips through the narrow passage ways between the racks of clothes, plus it was far too embarrassing to dare try anything on as we would never venture into a plus size store so why bother trying on a skirt when it would only go over one leg? So why then is this new study showing that obesity spreads through social networks? Families, sure - I'll buy the farm on that one. I can see how my eating patterns can be shaped by mates and parents alike as I'm in close quarters with them and have to choose foods that they consume on many occasions out of courtesy, necessity, cost-efficiency, whatever. But I have a mind of my own here. I was able to lose some weight before where I lived in a house where many were making poor choices. I was able to make my own food and succeed as well as positively influence those around me. But the friends bit I still don't buy. Saying my friends were between a "57 and 171 percent" increased risk of becoming obese by associating with me is ridiculous. If anything I think spending less time with me over the last few years and growing apart has changed people more so than when I was obese and we were all gorging on Burger King whoppers after field hockey games or crazy drunken nights followed by fast food or God knows what else. Sure, obesity may be spreading from "person to person like a fashion or a germ" and it may be from poor habits that I had, but don't blame me for giving them to you. I got my butt off the couch and did something. I'm not cramming that cookie down your throat, or that that extra slice of pizza or telling you that you shouldn't exercise - that's YOUR choice. Habits are your own to make or break. Hopefully healthy ones are instilled in us when we're young and we aren't forced to make turnabouts like many of us have, but here we are. So if you caught obesity from me, I'm sorry. But my blog is here as a sort of anti-biotic if you will for the germ. Feel free to read and find out how to you can change things up, learn new, healthy eating habits, incorporate exercise into your daily life and make change for the better. It's the least I can do.

holy celebrations batman!

too many birthdays today! luckily, I will see no cake :) there's sarah who's a world away on us (but probably partying it up in Berlin as I type). Then there's one of my second mommy's sons who is celebrating today (second mommy in that she was my babysitter when my mom when back to work when I was eight years-old. She is an awesome lady who took in pretty much half the neighbourhood and fed us grilled cheese sandwiches and zoodles at lunch every day while we watched the flintstones and you can't do that on television...sigh...the good ol' days....). Then there's the most important one to me (sorry). It's Aunt Mojo day!! Whether you see this or not, you're one heck of a role model to me. Your strength, leadership and courage in the past few years is nothing short of an inspiration. How you managed to stay OP through tough times too (even for short bursts) should be recognized and praised. You've done so well for yourself, come so far and I'm proud of you. You are one of the reasons I got right back on program when I fell off in 2005 because YOU were doing so well and I wanted to follow in your footsteps. I'm still trying to work on the quick wit and twisted sense of humour but I don't think I'll ever get there. So much for being a mini mojo :( But I've always looked up to you and I always will. So thanks for being such a great aunt :) lub you p.s. I heard sausage rolls are zero points today.


"My dad always said that there's 24 usable hours in every day."

...sigh...i ♥ empire records. Every day should be Rex Manning day, eh Jeep? So most people would be tired after a long day of work, right? getting there before 9...leaving after 6:30 and only thinking about going home and resting their weary head... what does mouse do? she goes home and bakes muffins. why? because she's CRAZY! that and I so don't want to ruin my week and wanted to make good treats and not be tempted by timbits and office candy dishes or starbucks runs. No no! I will be strong! So I made some Apple Cinnamon Streusel Muffins and Chocobrans to curb any temptations I would have during the week. I was ACTUALLY going to make corn muffins and irish soda bread too, but apparently the black hole (a.k.a. Dominion - btw, i am not missing anything today...that i notice.) didn't have buttermilk. Now I'm not sure if last time I made soda bread I purchased it THERE or somewhere else but I continue to be miffed by downtown grocery stores and am inching closer and closer to moving back to the beaches - HMMPH! But back to these muffins. For the life of me, I can not find the recipe on that darn site, otherwise I'd link y'all up because they're not that bad. I'm quite looking forward to it as an afternoon treat today. I'm telling you - making your own treats is the way to go....even if you have to stay up late and get covered in flour. besides, helps you sleep better :)


the good, the bad & the ugly

i think this might be an every other monday staple...let's go Good: Started back to the gym this weekend in my quest to lower the flab content of my midsection (yes, it has been increasing). Bad: The mirrors at the gym confirmed it. Ugly: The mirrors at the gym. Good: The muscle fatigue after a workout and that weird high you get. Bad: That ouchie feeling you get walking down the stairs after a kickass lower body workout. Ugly: that SUPER ouchie feeling you get a week after falling down the stairs which you stupidly followed up by too much running and a kickass lower body workout...then you dropped your keys on the office floor twice this morning and couldn't even bend over to pick them up without crying. Good: Those peanut butter cups.. they're the perfect replacement for peanut butter chocolate ice cream, i tells ya! Bad: Peanut butter gives me headaches :( Ugly: I bought a new bottle of excedrin :P Good: I have measured out my food for today and planned my meals for the week - BOOYAH Bad: Those peanut butter cups are STILL in my freezer and are NOT factored in...yet. Ugly: Cottage cheese and yogurt really looks disgusting, you know (but why do i love it sooooo?! today i put it on two eggo plus fibre waffles and put four raspberries and four blackberries on top - HEAVEN! but still, it looks like vomit) Good: despite my doughy appearance, my scales still love me. I'm still using the two and finding the difference as my current weight. Bad: I think the digital one is even starting to like me despite it trying to stay at 146 for part of last week, which was freakin' HILARIOUS. Ugly: I think John may develop a complex over it soon and break it when I'm not around. Poor skinny boy. Good: I ♥ how li laaah in my office makes coffee every morning so I can avoid the evil starbucks. Bad: I just discovered she's been making me decaf for the past two weeks because I forgot to bring her in coffee from starbucks. Ugly: the extra headaches and sluggishness for the past two weeks are now explained...but i still ♥ her.


and now

I've lost my gym membership card. I'm convinced that dominion is like a black hole. I seem to lose something every time I go there... BOOURNS!


I think i'm losing my mind...

I buy a bottle of shampoo and conditioner the other day after Wednesday night run club. In my quest to save the environment one plastic bag at a time, I opt to stuff the bottles in my oversized gym bag instead. In the process of looking for my shoppers optimum card, I end up dumping all of the change out of my wallet as well. Loverly. Further on my way home, jingling all the way, I stop in at dominion too and figure I'll buy a lasagna for dinner and maybe coolwhip, peanut butter and chocolate syrup to attempt those quasi-peanut butter cups people had mentioned before (very tasty I might add). I add all of these items into the gym bag mix, but remove my hoodie from the bag as I'm running out of room and I have to carry the lasagna as it just won't fit. Ok - somewhere along the way I've LOST the shampoo. and now my mind. and I am thankful it is Friday... and that those peanut butter cups are so damn tasty... and so damn sticky that I can only eat one. The end :)


and this is why i'm glad i'm not a spokesperson...

because EVERYONE ELSE is an expert. So Jenny McCarthy is " still on the Weight Watchers kind of thing" - awesome quote if you ask me :P - and it has all of the ladies up in arms. They think no good lifetimer/maintainer treats it as a "kind of thing" and works the program to the T, keeping points in her mind all of the time. She's quoted as saying veggies AND fruits are zero points, that she doesn't mix carbs and proteins and that her treat is nachos with soy cheese and turkey chili. Pardon me girls, but so what? Everyone has their own way of working a plan. Like some of you use prepackaged meals. Do others get up in arms and preachy? - actually, you do. You go on about veggie servings, sodium levels, etc. Some of you use many of your daily points for 100 calorie packs and chocolate fixes while others swear by only using their flex for treats and saving DPs for good food only. Again, personal preference. It just seems as we go on with our weight loss struggles, we get armed with sooooo much information and we become so full of knowledge which is good and bad. We jump on other people about their choices but never look in the mirror to see what we do wrong either. Jenny McCarthy is an easy target. She's pretty, famous and has magazines lining up to talk to her. She's bound to put her foot in her mouth A LOT (and probably not count the points for that either) but so be it. There are A LOT of successful leaders who will tell you the same. That they have been at it so long that they will guesstimate most of their food or work core to their advantage. I'm not here to praise the celeb. No, no. I don't think she's the best fit for the program but am glad she found what she needed here. If her pretty face and svelte figure gets more people onto a program that promotes a healthy lifestyle, good on Weight Watchers - money well spent. I just think there are too many experts out there who chime in and out when we have to understand what's good for you isn't necessarily good for me. I understand she's paid to be a spokesperson for a program, but just like we're not supposed to give out all the information for free, she isn't either. The point system is really broad. The 8 healthy guidelines are pretty general. You can really do with the program what you will in order to make it work FOR YOU. She did it. Be happy for her.


why double dipping isn't allowed.

So last night I was feeling better (but it was probably deep cold & medication induced), so I set my alarm for 5:30 thinking I NEED to go back to the gym in the mornings. It always seems to take me a few weeks with these running clinics to mesh the whole gym and running thing together in perfect harmony and this time I am sucking LARGE at it. So the alarm went off at 5:30 this morning (now you know why I post so early sometimes, ladies), I turned it off, and crumpled to the floor in either laughter from the pain or how foolish I was in thinking I could ACTUALLY go to the gym and then my running group after work. I am human - not superhuman. back to my comfy bed and la-la land I went. I pray I'll make it through the steady 3km we have tonight....I wonder if the half marathon walkers would like to adopt me instead...hmmmm


A Special Before & After

Before.... and after... Even a year after reaching your goal, you can have your cake and eat it too! Happy goal-aversary to meeeeeee! thanks for the kind words yesterday, ladies. I'm feeling better but it's awkward to walk so no running today. I did find a wonderful black bruise on my ass. I can think up a few stories for that one but won't be showing it to anyone :P


Planning ahead pays off

so in advance of the big run, i had planned to take today off and rest my weary ass. I figured I may be pretty sore from pushing myself a little too hard. I am a few months ahead in my training and I figured some parts of me would be crying out in pain and I wouldn't notice until the next day. I was feeling pretty damn awesome when I came home yesterday morning. I was full of energy but my hips were a little sore because I didn't take the time to properly stretch after the race because I was so focused on taking some tylenol, drinking water/gatorade, getting a bagel so that I would NOT get a migraine like I normally do after a race, which I thankfully did not, just a dull headache I can deal with. Then I got home to take a shower, started bounding down the stairs and it happened. synthetic socks + painted stairs = mouse going down them on her back/ass So no real pain in my legs today...but i have bruises on my arms from trying to stop myself from going down the full flight of stairs and my back hurts like a mofo. good thing i have a comfy bed and wireless access on my laptop :)


pat yourself on the back

you all ran ten miles in 1:34:11 today. how? because you were pretty much on my mind the whole time I was running. I was thinking about how each and every one of you either run or want to run, how I was in your place or am in your place, how lucky I am that my little feet can carry me so far, that my lungs allow me to go so far with little to no wheezing now (or maybe that's the expensive drugs - wheee!) - no matter what way you slice it, you ran 16kms today. So whether you can only walk briskly, do 2 mins jogging and feel breathless, run only on a treadmill, are only half way through your couch to 5km, are a running room instructor, ran your first 10km to everyone's delight and surprise or are my Go Skirt! inspiration, you were with me all the way today - thanks for getting me through and always supporting me.


and on the sixth day mouse rested

Today is an off day from everything - no running, no gym, nothing out the ordinary as tomorrow is the big ten miler race. I admit, I am scared crapless. It's only 5km short of my half marathon goal and 3 months short of my training. Don't know why I'm trying it NOW but I guess I'm out to challenge myself a little...if anything I'll treat it as my regular Sunday LSD and do 10:1s but I'm going to try and run for as long as I can but at a slow pace as I'm not looking for a record or anything (and I'm so not a running superstar who's eligible to win anything). So yesterday's white pant exercise worked out well...until I went to visit my nieces...where I learned TWO valuable lessons: 1- white pants and two year-olds do not mix 2- don't go near a five year-old with a pair of scissors. you will get cut. I love my arthur band-aid covering my boo-boo though :)


black and white

i walked into the kitchen at work this morning to make my regular breakfast of oatmeal and cottage cheese and came face-to-face with a black forest cake. and not an itty bitty one either. this thing has to be about 10-12 inches in diameter and not even half eaten. now i'm not a huge fan of cherries but i am willing to pick them out for the sake of sweet, yummy cake. now i'm faced with a dilemma: cake and coffee for brekkie or good yummy oatmeal and cheeeese? methinks the cake is bad because i will undoubtedly drop the li'l devil on my white capris. and then there's that whole point thingy...this blog is about weight watchers, right? but back to those capris. oh yes, i bought those bad boys and i feel like all eyes are on me today (probably because you can make out my ass through these puppies). but they're very sporty and cute...and i look the part today. which i think i need...to run away from that cake!


Did you know...

that surgeons and anesthesiologist in Alberta can now bill an additional 25 per cent for a range of procedures on patients whose body mass index is greater than 35? According to a wonderful little article titled "the perks of treating the fat of the land" in next week's Maclean's magazine, patients with a higher BMI have to have deeper incisions, organs shoved aside around fleshy mounds and there must be more safeguards in place during surgery to ensure a patient doesn't suffocate beneath their own weight. To compensate for the extra work and care, the Alberta Medical Association and the Ministry of Health struck a deal that will cost Alberta $2.9 million a year. Apparently Ontario has had a similar structure in place since 2001. Who knew?


Cliche borrowed from Mastercard

Dinner at Mandarin for 3......................................$68.24 Points for that dinner....................uh...let's not go there Ice Cream Cake from Baskin Robbins................$24.50 Points for that cake...........thankfully wasn't consumed Birthday Girl Tiara...................................................$7.97 Water at Bar.............................................................$2.50 Spending an evening with your younger brother on his 26th birthday, surrounded by his amazing friends and watching him sing his ASS off at karaoke (including a song that reminds you of one of your favourite movies and working the fucking crowd)..............
PRICELESS Happy Birthday Jeepers!


early morning quickie

Where: York & King Streets - Downtown TO When: 6:28 a.m. - 28 degrees and 30 something with the humidity (that's what the sign on first canadian place said). Who: Yours Truly, running her fine ass off Why: Because running room says I have to What...the fuck?: "Danger: Falling Ice" Sign sitting on the street corner. But not one sign, TWO OF THEM! Did I mention it was damn hot and sticky and I'm currently dripping all over my laptop as I write this?! I seriously almost ran into those signs LAUGHING. methinks the rent-a-cops meant to put out the danger:workers above signs but messed up. I love TO


the good, the bad & the ugly

haven't had one of these in awhile, here we go: Good: digital devil co-operated today and shows me in the 130s, while the old scale shows 134 and a bit. Bad: Digital only shows 139.8. Ugly: I then took off my necklace to see if it would make a difference. pathetic much? Good: I convinced my parents to let me make them dinner on Saturday night after spending the afternoon with them and the ankle biters at the movies. Bad: I may have had two bowls of pasta (but it was whole wheat pasta with ground turkey, diced tomatoes, green & red peppers and mushrooms - yummers). Ugly: there was some movie popcorn too. ugh. Good: I bought a new running skirt last week to try out before my ten miler race this weekend. Bad: it's way shorter than my other one. Ugly: one of my running buddies commenting about my hot pink ass on our run yesterday. Not wearing that puppy out again. Good: I feel really confident that I can run the ten mile race this sunday. Bad: I feel really confident that I will have a migraine after if it is as hot and sticky as it has been these past few days. Ugly: I hope nothing comes out my nose this time. Good: My brother's birthday is tomorrow!! Bad: He is planning a karaoke party. Ugly: my arse singing. Let's pray there are no videos.


I ♥ photoshop...but only sometimes

Photoshop used to be my best friend. I was all about cropping myself down to a minimal amount possible in order to avoid showing the least amount of chub to the whole wide world. This made it REALLY hard when I went searching for before pics of myself because every shot I found barely showed any of myself except my teeny little head and maybe an arm or two. Luckily, some people still use film (dinosaurs!) and editing me down isn't always an option. But then there's the media, who does an entirely different sort of cropping when it comes to talking about weight, health, obesity, et al. Why must they always cut overweight people's heads off when featuring them in broadcast news items? and who's job it is to go out and get vis of obese behinds anyway? What producer actually goes and says that? I've always wondered if my dimpled ass ever made it to air without my knowledge and who these faceless asses are. Do they realize they make it to air and are horrified? does it shock them into reality? Do they listen to the words written to the images and think "they're taking about a health crisis and looking at MY ASS" or is the media just exploiting people because they need visuals instead of the perfection they hire to blather on about weather, good news, bad news, sports and gossip? Would we not take "fat" stories as seriously from them because they're tooooooo good looking and healthy that we need these jiggly behinds with no distinguishing facial features? Who knows.... Maybe I should stop watching so much Newsworld/CP24/CNN/etc. though...


Do you get APs for ...

looking for a new roommate? our roomie is leaving us and I've just posted an ad looking for a new one... YEESH. So many people to wade through already! Students, professionals, musicians, homebodies, vegans....and people who want to have dinner parties - why would you tell a prospective roommate that? Are you supplying the dining room table? Because mine is sort of...er, unstable at the moment and I fear for your dinner guests. I just find it funny that these people come with armed with ideals based on "room for rent in 3 bedroom house." Yes, we have more space than the shoebox condos and apartments that are available out there, but it's probably not best to tell me that you're going to be throwing parties and inviting people over to our home before you've even met us and established a relationship. Especially since I'm a hard person to win over :P *sigh* back to my flooded inbox.



Just for Shirls :)

just because i run a lot

doesn't mean you can make stupid comments. "you know, you're very active. you can probably stop weight watchers and counting points and maintain your weight loss long-term." and you know, you can kiss my ass. Both - AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN. Why you ask? I can't do it. I run...pathetic jog, really, and then I eat, sometimes not very well. My scale doesn't always co-operate with me on Mondays (we will NOT factor the digital devil into this count). My pants do not co-operate either (because I KNOW you helpful little vixens will be swooping in with the ever supportive "it's not always in the numbers," which is so true...but when it hits the pants, it's over!). I make bad choices sometimes. I get bored. I get lazy. I reach for whatever and my body is like "ooooh look! the good stuff is back! HURRAY!" and i think it clings to it for dear life. (like my science, eh? :P) So although I appreciate that many out there think I'm a finely tuned athlete now and can burn off a smartie just by looking at it, it just isn't so. But that would be a cool party trick, eh?


I should be happy that there's a day off, right?

instead of dreading what to do today. I have a feeling I will end up spending the day cooped up inside watching television, and if that's anything like yesterday, it won't be pretty. Yesterday's mistake was watching a Big Medicine marathon on TLC, which featured some classic lines like "they have to understand there is a certain amount of personal responsibility..." and "...they have to stop their lifestyle to lose weight." Remind me again how you people get away with this surgery and gouging poor overweight Americans for all of their money? The right advice was RIGHT THERE! bah! silly me - there I go thinking again :P
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