I suck at golf

played from 11 til 5:30 today - what a hoot that was! sore all over from hitting the damn ball the wrong way for 18 holes and too much sun!! oh, and not to outshine mom the other day... but i love my daddy too! today is HIS birfay - we're off to take him and mommy to din-din :) enjoy the long weekend!


Dear Weight Watchers Canada,

I think you made a BIG mistake. You passed up about 140lbs worth of free advertising because of .3lbs. Our girl Shrunk deserved to be a success story and then some. She's the biggest cheerleader you have on your boards, a shining example of what being ON PROGRAM means and yet another online subscriber who has made the program work on HER OWN. She's young, she's SUPER active and she chases after her cute little kiddies all day long but she still finds the time to be the first one to congratulate you on reaching your 10 per cent or to offer you words of encouragement when you're feeling low. The woman never ceases to amaze me. She's the one who you want to represent you and your brand to the public and to encourage a younger generation to try the program. If I had seen someone like Shrunk in a story or an ad when I was thinking about joining, I wouldn't have had a single doubt in mind. She is someone we can easily identify with, with her unique look and perma-smile. You reinvent your programs on a regular basis for many reasons; perhaps based on food guide/pyramid changes, marketing plans, science, etc. - perhaps you should also consider revamping your success story application process too? I could understand if her average loss per week was way out of whack to your 2lbs per week maximum but being off by .3 and rejecting her...in the grand scheme of things does that make it truly unhealthy? If she had taken a few more weeks to submit her application and maintain a little more would it then average out to be an acceptable rate for you? I know Shrunk isn't the only person you've passed up in the past year for Canadian stories, and that others "lost too fast" and had to remain in the shadows, but I never could put faces or names to those people before. They weren't an everyday presence on the boards, a kind word, supportive comments and inspiring blog pictures.This one is too real for me and watching her progress unfold in the past year has been phenomenal. Shaunna's story is a monumental one you'll want to keep around to tell everyone for years to come. Don't let it pass you by. Sincerely, Marie your faithful online subscriber...but starting to wonder.

I swear I was only going to buy tomatoes and cucumbers

...and maybe frozen berries and low fat cool whip. But my Dominion sucks arse. Being downtown, grocery stores tend to be smaller and don't stock EVERYTHING so some items aren't always there....like low fat cool whip. So when I took a stroll down the frozen food aisle (and its icy goodness) to find it wasn't there, I was totally bummed. After a crappy day and not feeling too hot...or rather TOO hot (it was HELLLLLLLA hot in the Tdot), I wanted a little treat at the end of my day. I sucked it up and did my 6km run last night (even though li'l Garmin said it was almost 7km - those Running Room tricksters always sending us out for longer runs...). I DESERVED something good! I knew I should have kept looking down, wallowing in my own pity, dragging my bottom lip on the floor. I do not know what possessed me to look up at the ice cream fridges. Ok, I DO know what it was. It was my old boy friends ...Ben & Jerry. BASTARDS. I did NOT expect to see what I did. Those lil f*ckers have a strawberry cheesecake flavour now. WHY MUST YOU TEMPT ME SO!?!?!?!?! yeah. Let's just say it wasn't pretty. We will not discuss the nutritional value of that little container here...but let's hope my half clinic speeds up the process and we run that half tonight (hell, let's make it a full) because I could sure use the activity to burn off last night's ...er....indiscretion. ooooooooooh - but a reason for ice cream (and cake and celebration and all that other good stuff...) Today is mommy's birthday!!!!! Big hugs and smooches to her - I lub you!


le boeuf du jour

"now that you're thin you must have them lined up around the block" I have a few issues with this statement... 1. Who's to say I didn't have them lined up around the block before? I wasn't an unattractive girl when I was heavy, nor are most heavy girls. It's always about self-confidence and self-esteem. If you're not confident, care about yourself, put yourself out there, etc., people don't want to be with you. Pretty damn simple. I didn't have a problem attracting guys before and I don't now. I choose to be in the situation I am. 2. I didn't change the person I AM so why is that I should suddenly add a queue at my front door? Sad that we live in a superficial world but I pretty much the same person I was at 230, 205, 175 and 135. I run off my mouth when I want to, I'm a good listener when you need to let it all out and I will definitely tell you that dress does not flatter your figure or those shoes do not go with those pants. Why the sudden interest just because I lose a bit of weight? Someone went a little further when I prodded them on about that statement, because I'm outspoken when I want to be, ya know and maybe I egged him on....because he REALLY pissed me off... "well, I'm not saying you didn't get dates THEN, but maybe the type of guys you attract now are a different quality..." AHHHHHH....so now we're saying I can get the hotties where as before I could only get the big, stocky guys because that's what I was? Because likes attract? HOOOOOOOOOOOOEY, I SAY! I think most of the guys I've ever been with were medium to fit, were on the attractive side and I was always the unhealthy of the pair. I don't know where these generalizations crop up from but frankly, I was peeeeeeved. can ya tell I STILL am? Just because we've had extra meat on our bones, doesn't mean we're any less special, any less deserving of attention, love or affection or should be any further down on any list to be desired. Granted, everyone has their own preferences, but don't apply your ideals to the general public. Not everyone thinks the way you do or puts it in practice. Love who you want. Skinny, thick or in between. I could care less. Whatever makes you happy makes me happy. But don't sit there and say I'm going to be happier now and should be out there strutting my stuff and not keeping it all to myself. and this, ladies (and maybe a few gentleman), is why I'm still single.


i think i'm sick...or just whiny

or maybe i'm just fishing for an excuse for to take a personal day off. my throat is killing me and it's going all the way up to my right ear. The other one is still semi-blocked from the strange vomiting experience on Saturday (it came out my nose and...yeah, tmi - i know...) very strange. I don't think I've ever had an ear infection or anything like it before so I've never really experienced pain in my ear like this so I'm a little freaked out. The throat pain is normal though. I used to get sick like this a lot but haven't really felt ill since I started working out a lot. Maybe I'll haul my ass to the walk-in across the street later today and see what's up. If I dare to leave my air-conditioned office... Doesn't help that it's hella hot today with a humidex of like 40 (did i mention that sweat makes me rashy? HURRAH!). Thank you for reading my whiny blog. I lurve you all.


I give up on the digital scale

that bloody thing is no good for my mental health. seriously. It hasn't really budged in the last few weeks (well, it sometimes goes UP quite a few pounds) but it keeps weighing me at 141.4. My old scale shows me at 136 today. I tried two 10lbs weights on them each today. Old scale - 20lbs New scale - 20.3lbs Lord love a duck... I think I will split the difference today and move on...back to my old scale. What a waste.


"The difference between a jogger and a runner...

is an entry blank."

Had an awesome time running in my skirt with my brother, my roommate and my brother's friends for a great cause. I love this run because people don't take themselves so seriously. There was one team dressed up as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz (you would have loved them, MoJo) and someone dressed up as the Queen! The sillier you look, the better!

I forgot my puffer and suffered a bit, but made it in 26:21, which i'm happy with.

Happier to spend an awesome morning with good people enjoying the festivities afterward too (until the killer migraine set in.) And the underwear fashion show in the park and dufflet pastries sure were NICE!

And what race wouldn't be complete without a shot of my tongue?

Happy Pride to everyone celebrating in the Tdot!


you don't have to know a person to feel sadness...

Today is not about me or weight loss. Today is about 3 people who lost their lives yesterday. One for me in particular. 10 years ago, I used to pass one of them in the hallway of school on a daily basis. He was an adorable boy . I didn't know much about him and I'm fairly certain he didn't know about me. But when I heard his name on the news this morning, I could picture him in a school uniform no problem. I can't picture him in army fatigues, carrying a gun, serving our country, keeping peace a world away in some sort of conflict that isn't our own. I'm not here to say whether war, conflict, peace-keeping and Canada's role is wrong or right. I don't want comments that say that either. I just want to say that today I'm sad because someone with a bright future and bright eyes won't get to see the world through them anymore. So appreciate all that you have around you today and every day. And say a prayer for Stephen and his family.


and perspective kicks me in the ass again

Whenever you have a fat day, invite your "skinny" friend (aka: jammer) over to try on your goal dress (try to imagine it without Syd Vicious hiding most of it). Now Jammer needs a dress for a wedding this weekend, which we had gone on a shopping adventure for a couple of weeks ago.I thought we had found it, but apparently she never bought it. *sigh* I told her I had said kickass dress sitting in my closet collecting dust but it might be a bit big on her. She tells me to try it on the other night when we were talking about it because we're "the same size" according to her, so I did. It was a teeny bit loose now when it was snug when I bought it (YAY ME!). I sooooo wish I had another occasion to wear that puppy to! Or to buy that other one I spied a couple of weeks ago!! So I told her that, but she was still sold on the dress and wanted to come try it herself. I envisaged her with the dress slipping off her body and was petrified. Apparently, not. Just a teeny bit loose on her too (although she has no li'l belly bulge a la moi), but the ruffles and the way the material gathers at the seams hides it pretty well. HURRAH! Now if I could only get her away from convincing me to eat out every time I see her....


all day i dream about cheesecake

sorry wheebs - i tried. i got up at 5:30 to go to the gym and i got half ready...but i just went for a run instead. I'm doing a 5km race on Saturday so I don't want to do any weight training this week. Whenever I do, my legs tend to feel like lead and I kind of want to get to 25mins this time...which I doubt in this heat and with my asthma... But I am NOT built to run at 6a.m. either. Why? DELIVERY TRUCKS. I swear to god this truck delivering Stage or Stagg or Satan's cheesecake was freakin following me! I saw it THREE OR FOUR TIMES! I know it doesn't help that I passed like four or five grocery stores on my run this morning BUT STILL, was this truck's presence really necessary with its pictures of delicious treats on the side tempting me as I run? NOOOOOOOOO!! It's bad enough I pass that evil temptress Starbucks and the sweet smell of java spilling out its doors like eight BILLION times in downtown TO. We don't need mouse chasing down cheesecake trucks salivating after cake. WAIT A MINUTE - maybe that's a new tactic to improve my time...


serious case of the monday blahs

  • my scale is blah - a combination of it being crackers and perhaps not counting well at a bbq on saturday and brunch yesterday morning.
  • my skin is blah - including a lovely sunburn on my back from shoddy sunscreen application, (but luckily no rash - my allergy seems to have disappeared)
  • my tummy is blah - or maybe it's my appetite. I stood at the fridge this morning (which is FULL of yummy veggies), looking for something to make for lunch and NOTHING appealed to me, but then I ended up going to the grocery store and buying veggies for lunch.
  • this heat is blah - it makes it hard to breathe & I'm all sweaty and gross.
  • my workouts are blah - oh wait, I'd actually have to GO to the gym for them to be blah. I haven't been in almost a week, but I've still been running about 25-30kms a week.
  • my comments are blah - i haven't been reading everyone's blogs as faithfully lately. why must work get in the way every day? hmmph.


scaredy mouse

I have weird fears like i'm sort of afraid of animals (oh the irony of being nicknamed mouse) - i just don't trust anything with fur that moves and you can't fully communicate with. I know, i'm weird. and clowns....they freak me the f*ck out. I think that stems from the summer I worked at an outdoor pool at the City of Toronto and read Stephen King's IT....not terribly bright working around drains and sewers all day and reading about a murderous clown that pops out of one. YEESH. Then there's sad stuff like being a disappointment, failure, blah blah, sob sob. But my strangest fear of all...white pants. Specifically, my ass in white pants. The two will never go together in harmony. I was reminded of it today as I saw a woman walking down yonge st. in these amazing cargo/parachute capris - in white of course. I sooo envied them. But I could never carry em off. Sometimes while shopping I get up the courage to give it a go, but alas, the dimpled ass nixes the deal. Two weeks ago it was a cute little white skirt instead. Nope, that didn't work either. I just don't have the courage to reveal cottage cheese and play "what colour gitch is Marie wearing today?" with the entire downtown core (I already play that with my office from time to time without realizing it, much to my embarrassment). I always thought if i just "lost a little weight," I could wear white pants. But I go try them on and I still don't have the confidence to pull them off. I see women off all shapes and sizes pull it off every day (granted, some should NOT be wearing em EVER or at least be choosing other styles and for the love of pete, PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR UNDERWEAR CHOICE!!!), so why the hell can't i?!?! Today the lady sooo could. She was super fit and tanned. They really suited her. Makes me wonder though - is it really a confidence that's required to pull these things off or are some of us really not built to wear white pants...


I shouldn't be jealous of...

  • "skinny girls" because someone out there is probably jealous of me (lord knows why)
  • the lady I ran with last night who has run two Boston Marathons because another one of my running buddies runs with me to push herself. I should also be thankful that I have my health and the ability to run at all ...plus the encouragement from them to get my ass in gear and try to run a full marathon some day (I think they're crackers)
  • the people i see everyday who eat whatever they want. I know that's not necessarily the healthiest way to live life but I miss being able to just go out and order whatever I want at lunch instead of racing around at the last minute in the morning trying to find something in the fridge (like today). Being lazy and going out and getting fast food will probably take just as long as preparing a healthy meal and I'm better off for the latter in the long run.
  • the people who won the $40 million last night. But what can you do? I'm the stupid arse who didn't buy a ticket.


my pet peeve du jour

actually it's been a lot of "jours" but i've held my tongue...er, fingers because I didn't want to offend but yesterday I went and offended because I had had enough of seeing it and I apologize for that. But I'm pissed. "I've started running and the scale is up, but I'm ok with it because I know it's muscle" note: not a DIRECT quote. NOTE WELL: I have read this MULTIPLE TIMES ON THE BOARDS AND ON BLOGS so do NOT take it personally. Also note: I am not a science girl, but I have read up on this crap enough to make some a somewhat informed decision. If I'm way off base, feel free to send me hate mail. ok... You can't be building enough muscle after a couple of weeks of running to notice a significant shift on your scale. I'm fairly certain we are seeing water weight. Sure, it may be water weight IN YOUR MUSCLE because you are tearing them down when you're pounding the pavement. We gotta burn those calories somewhere, right? After, your muscles are sucking up that water for dear life because they're afraid you're going to go out there and do something stupid again, like say run! The reason you're seeing MORE MUSCLE DEFINITION (an excerpt that someone pointed out to try and kibosh a theory I had posted against this whole muscle gain) is because you're burning fat and revealing the muscle underneath. You're performing a cardiovascular training activity, not resistance training unless you're running with weights or performing other movements while running, am i right? There will be no bulking up, ladies. It's getting you leaner but tearing stuff down so your body loses a lot and overcompensates by storing water/glycogens later on like a little squirrel for winter and that's why you see a small blip on your scale. OR you see that blip because your appetite has increased and so has your intake in food, and perhaps you aren't as honest with yourself. You do have to be conscious of the fuel you put in your body when you run because a low caloric diet with strenuous workouts will run you a deficit and lead to binging. You need to find a happy medium. But again, I'm no expert and I welcome the opportunity for you to set me straight. Me - I notice I am down 1-2lbs right after a run from water loss but will be right back to normal the next day. But I also lift weights four times a week so I have never noticed this "muscle gain" that everyone talks about. But people are following expert plans and taking classes (sometimes taught by people who know no better and will tell you silly things just like that. I actually just found a post on the GDT from a learn to run instructor who said it's muscle. CLASSIC), so they should ask the nutritionists & physiotherapists that will come into visit them, much like I had in my Running Room class. Until then, the shooting gallery is open. Feel free to fire away.


blogs that make you go hmmm

So apparently I make Jodi's brain hurt...is that a good thing? actually, she finds me worthy enough to be included in her "5 blogs that make me think," which apparently comes from the thinking blogger awards... or something like that. Either way, I'm honoured. I usually think I'm full of hot air and make little to no sense. I'm always surprised that y'all read my drivel. Now, who makes MY head hurt. I know I'm doing this all wrong and I don't care. Some probably don't read my blog but I peek in on them. If you don't know em, check em out. They're some good reads.
  • 101 Reasons I Hate Being Fat - things we will identify with in our own way and great for me to go back and read because I forget things with each passing day.
  • Angie All the Way - Overcoming a terrible car accident and kicking ass at weight loss - do you need more inspiration than that (and opinionated to boot!!)?!
  • Questions for Dessert - song titles on every post - WHEEE!
  • Running in Circles - running and emotional insight laid out there as naked as the day you were born (but with lots of anonymity...go fig).
  • Weight Watchen - hardcore weight watcher with food porn that puts all y'alls to SHAME!
Btw, I stepped on that stupid ass scale again today and it said 141. 2 - apparently I'm a weight loss MACHINE! that thing has become a total joke.


how do you return something that is free?

Week 2 of the scale drama.... Apparently I can gain 2.5lbs in a week by eating Thai food on a Saturday afternoon, eating a few cookies after running 8km and otherwise remaining pretty much on program. ESSSSSSSSSPLAIN THAT ONE TO ME!!!! This scale is freakin crackers. There is no way I am 143.6lbs. NO FREAKIN WAY! Wouldn't I have had to have consumed like 3500 extra calories for each pound gained...looking at what I ate and how much I exercise - IMPOSSIBLE! The other scale is still hovering around 135 because it loves me dearly. I'm really NOT letting this rule me, but it is bugging me. I don't like the number I'm seeing every Monday and I wanted to make it a challenge, even changed my stats to reflect it, but there is NO FREAKIN WAY I'm taking this one. Like meeting members, I'm taking a free pass this week. I had my lifetime weigh-in last week for the month. Sucks to your assmar, mr. scale! Who would have thought that this would turn out to be such a bad idea?!


Weekend Round-Up

  • Bought me a Garmin 205 (because I know I won't use the HRM on the 305 so spending the extra 100 bucks is pointless). I used it on my 10km run this morning and was utterly confused.
  • My chiropractor, who I see every month, has finally noticed I've lost weight (and then asked what I did - was happy I chose Weight Watchers). This confirms what I thought before -he is a tool.
  • Busted out the bike yesterday to go watch John play ball and was pleasantly surprised to see my brother Kevin has joined his team too! I love watching my brothers play ball but it makes me wish I could play ball this summer too :(
  • ...oh, and the bike ride was awesome. Riding around with Jeepers was mucho fun! I should do that every weekend!
  • "Marie! you look fabulous! did you not eat all winter?" - I seriously wanted to cry.
  • hmmm....maybe I should take the bike out again today. It's so pretty and it would be a shame to stay inside. But after running 10km and riding around yesterday, my ass hurts...I think I'll live vicariously through the rest of you for today :)
Enjoy the day!


I refuse to be the skinny friend

So I went shopping with my old roomie Jammer last night. We were on a mission to find a dress for a wedding she has to go to in a few weeks and I was on a mission to add to my shoe collection (which in no way rivals Jen’s ). After trying to convince her to buy dresses at nicer stores (including this puuuuuuuurdy dress at Marciano which I WISH I had an occasion to wear to because I would SOOOOOOO go and snap it up! – I LURVE Guess!), but no. She must shop at Le Crapeau.

Sadly, I have to admit, two of the dresses I actually liked and might have bought myself if I had somewhere to go but can’t justify spending over $100 in that store on one item.

I can however justify spending $100 in that store on two pairs of shoes (WHEEEEE), which was well timed because a strap on the wedge sandals I was wearing yesterday BROKE while we were walking on Queen West. Sorry, no pics of the shoes available – maybe I’ll snap a pic of them on my feet one day. They’re both wedgy looking, one has a corky looking heel with white straps that goes around the ankle and the other pair is black and are more slip on. I like em :D

After our mission and coming away with shoes, no dresses (UGH), we went off to Swiss Chalet for our “family meal”(it’s our thing – we used to order it all the time when we lived together). Here’s where Jammer tries to get all healthy and proclaims she’s ordering the club wrap because it has veggies in it…but she’s still getting the fries…but then asks me if that’s ok, which makes me laugh. Jammer is about 5’5 and maybe 125lbs. She has always been fit and HOT as long as I’ve known her. Her asking ME for eating advice is LAUGHABLE. I tell her she doesn’t need to be concerned with me and my points, but she should be following Canada’s Food Guide a little better, but being the Weight Watchers freak I am, I looked up the point value on my Treo and told her it was 16 for the wrap (when it turns out it is really 12 - Thanks Angie :) ). Well, she balked at that, then asked if that was bad and waited to see what I was getting. Same as always, ¼ chicken white, salad and no dressing. I know how many points I had going in and I stuck to my plan. Now all of a sudden she’s changing her tune and following me (with dark, but asking me if that’s ok)…but still with the fries (gotta love the girl) and then the whole conversation turns to the plan and why do I stick to it when I’m the same size as her now…


It hit me then.

I never see myself as an equal to Jammer. She has always been thinner, prettier and more fit than I am. I can try on the same dresses as her, and I did. I fit in the same clothes as her (maybe not the same size pants, but the next size up) but she doesn’t have the rolls that hang over on her belly when she sits down, she can wear a bikini and not scare people away. I may fit in the same clothes, but we don’t fit in the same molds, which is a good thing. I have to work hard to stay where I am and she can do it effortlessly. I envy her, but at the same time I don't want to be her. I like who I've become and if I can help her, that's cool.

She can be my skinny friend, and I can be her healthy friend.


Second Class Citizen?

Ah, the great divide between Weight Watchers members...oh wait - not all of us are "members," silly me! This li'l bit always bugs me. How we're categorized based on the way we follow the plan and have different entitlements based on each. I am a "subscriber" according to their definitions, and as such, am not entitled to as much. I am not entitled to be weighed in at meetings, attend meetings or purchase little goodies at said meetings. What's that about? I pay my registration fee the same as everyone else. Granted, I pay a little less every month than "members" do, but I'm not getting weighed by someone else so I shouldn't have to pay the overhead of staffing, upkeep of scales or rent. But I do feel I should be allowed to drop by a meeting every now and again, say I am an ONLINE MEMBER (none of this "subscriber" bs) and buy some damn candy or a book or something! And heck, listen to a leader talk about anchoring, or soup or congratulate someone on losing 25lbs that week! I could use a little inspiration every now and again. I just think there shouldn't be this big distinction between our two groups. Yes, we follow the program differently and do have advantages on our own, but to give us each different titles then to say "no, you can't come to our meeting and buy a chocolate bar because you aren't a member" when you already take our money - well, that's a big ol' slap in the face. Especially when I've been to your meeting, I bought a whole boat load of stuff and I know the secret handshake. Take that!


Good things in 8s?

First off thank-you for your wonderful comments, flattery, self-esteem boosters yesterday after I posted only 5 out of the 96 pictures I got back from my shoot (and thanks to Shrunk for the shout out on the GDT too). Now, back to our regular scheduled programming :D I was in the Doctor's office last week, reading a magazine as you're prone to do there and there was a "healthy living" one that caught my eye. There really wasn't much to it but there was one article that sort of had my attention (mostly because it included a fact about Yankees stadium renovations and the fact that each one that has occurred over the years has included the widening of its seats - YIKES). It was about the Rule of Eight for Healthy Living. Hmmm...where have we heard this before? Let's look at Weight Watchers' Eight Rules, or Guidelines in their case: Eight Good Health Guidelines 1. Eat at least five servings of vegetables and fruits each day. 2. Choose whole-grain foods, such as brown rice and oats, whenever possible. 3. Include two servings of milk products – low fat (1%) or fat-free – each day. 4. Have some healthy oil (olive oil, canola, sunflower, safflower or flaxseed) each day. 5. Ensure that you are getting enough protein by choosing at least a serving or two of meat, poultry, fish, eggs, or dried beans each day. Many dairy products are also good sources of protein. 6. Limit added sugar and alcohol. 7. Drink at least 6 8-ounce glasses of water a day. 8. Take a multiple vitamin-mineral supplement each day. Now the other (very dumbed down as I hate typing too much into my Treo): Eat More 1.Vegetables & Fruits 2. Good Fats 3. Whole Grain Products 4. Milk & Soy Products Eat Less 5. Red Meat 6. Salt 7. Junk Food 8. Soda Pop Very simple, very easy...but where's my water? They are VERY similar and really just piggy-backing off of food guides and common sense but the last one does fall short in the hydration factor and I find the whole "eat less" portion a cop out, really. I think it could be scaring people off of red meat, which probably isn't the best idea. There are a lot of benefits to it, you just have to learn how to choose your cuts and moderate portion sizes. I think they could have killed two birds with one stone in the junk department, not having soda pop on its own and included something else there or not divided it up into eating less, eating more unless that was their only trick to get people to remember some simple rules to healthy eating. Ah well, I guess a fluff magazine can't be perfect like me :P ...or Weight Watchers ♥



I worked some magic and voila... enjoy...and I now hate stripes.
I'm slightly irritated that most photos in this stripey shirt have the shirt all rumpled about my tummy. The stylist was HILARIOUS but seriously, where were you girl!?
This shirt makes me look knocked up....but i LOVE the colour.
I'm not sure what we were doing here...but don't step on me. Because EVERYONE sits on their kitchen counter in a skirt and wedge heels with their laptop, checking out the GDT & blogging...I got nothing. I think I actually look hot for once.

The ULTIMATE tease

So this is where I should post a picture from my weight watchers success story shoot because I was FedEx-ed them yesterday... but they're all in some wacky MAC format (doing some research it's actually another format from a professional camera or something, not so much a MAC, but photoshop is supposed to do the trick and I can't find my keycode for the stupid program to reinstall it....GRRRR). So you get NOTHING, as do I. hmmph.


A Tale of Two Scales...

As a treat to myself (and because I had a bazillion HBC points laying around), I ordered myself a fancy new scale so that I could better calculate my weight every week. My old scale did a fine job this whole time but I've always wanted to know my weight down to the .1 or .2, like everyone else could. So 400,000 points and two weeks later, my scale arrived. It's one of those Weight Watchers/Conair jobbies that shows body fat, hydration, etc.. At first I looooved it's sleek glass and steel look, but today I want to hurt it. See, today is weigh-in day... New scale - 141.2 Old scale - 134 WHAT THE FUCK?! This isn't right. Step on it again... New scale - 141.1 interesting.... Lightbulb moment. Take a 10lb weight and put it on each one. We'll see who's right now... New scale - 10.1 Old scale - 10 BLOODY HELL!!! Fine. You win new scale. If anything, I will have new resolve to lose weight, stay on program and lose 5lbs according to YOU. I will not fear you and will not be ruled by YOU. I will eat my healthy food, drink my water and run my tushy off as I normally do and not worry about what number you're going to show me every Monday, no no. You're just a little mechanical device. The number you show is still OK. It's still under my goal. It's still healthy and I'm happy. If anything, I have a new challenge :)


afternoon update

Thanks for your support about the boss man. you ladies rock! and so does my doctor. I've mentioned him before in a blog, but dammit, I love this man. I went to see him today as I have to every three months to get my prescriptions refilled. I had bloodwork done last time to check all the regular stuff so we looked over that. Now my last quack never bothered to run bloodwork on me while I was going through my weight loss journey so we only had the starting point where everything was high. In fact, I've had high cholesterol since I was about eight years-old. I remember going to seminars on healthy eating and cooking then. But now, for the first time EVER - I'm NORMAL. 20 per cent under to be exact. And I've been told that my good cholesterol levels are actually on the high side, which is good. So I cried for the second time today and my doctor thought I was nuts. I had to remind him there was a bigger me before he met me and I had to refrain from jumping across the desk and kissing him. Now if my stupid headache and the boss would go away my day would be brighter.

my day so far...

"if you keep dressing like that, people are going to mistake you for a lady!" 9:00a.m. - getting off the elevator with the boss. I'm wearing a skirt today. I wear skirts all summer. I go through this the first week of EVERY summer but I'm particularly pissed at this statement and his insensitivity. I bite back every possible comeback I can think of and just say that that statement is the most insensitive thing he could possibly say. Does he apologize and give me room? NOOOOOO. Follows me RIGHT into my office, right on my ass and is on me about what project I'm up to today. I haven't even fuckin sat down yet! 9:02a.m. He leaves my office and now we cry out of anger because we can't punch him out ...or poor Kris.
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