Measuring success

I KNOW I've blogged about this before, but I need to remind myself TODAY... We're number obsessed whether we like it or not. I can't be katieo and wrap up my scale and put it under the tree for the next 22 days, but I am getting better about not getting on it every day. Frankly, I don't need to get on it everyday. Or even once a week for that matter. If I was a meetings member I would have the option of weighing in once a month to ensure that I was below my goal weight of 145lbs. But even then, I wonder if that's a good measure of my own "success" (don't jump people - hear me out). I read about so many people who are the same height as me going for lower and lower weights and not being happy with the higher side of the healthy range for someone who is 5'6. It makes me feel like I gave up too soon and they solider on and continue to battle to be a healthier weight than I am. Or are they putting themselves at more risk? I don't know... I know personally I chose that weight because losing 60lbs seemed insurmountable for me. I admit that when I got there it didn't seem to be enough and I wanted more. I think I got greedy looking for a number in the low 130s, at times I flipped back and forth from maintenance to losing mode and did go 10lbs below my goal. But my body does have a comfort zone and well, I like to eat, so maintaining anything lower isn't realistic. I know I will never be lower than 135 and sustain it long term. I know I can never be in the 120s short of plastic surgery thanks to the apron on my belly. and I know I have to stop trying to measure my success against others. My body is not yours. and my body is not the one I had seven years ago or two years ago. and that's success by anyone's standards.


Trish said...

I totally agree. My height is 5'0" and my weight 'should be' 115-125. I am opting for 135 (really 140 with a 5lb play zone) as for me I feel that is the right number.

My goal is mine, no one else's - I felt great and loved myself at 141 and when I tried to get lower because 'they' told me for my height I should be, it all fell apart. I'm only going lower now just for a 5lb play zone not for them, but for me.

Great post :)

Angie All The Way said...

I feel that way all the time! My original goal wsa 170 and I've lowered it to 150 convincing others and trying to convince myself that I'd be perfectly happy there (which I plan to be, or will try to be), but most everyone else at my height of 5'4" are shooting for 130's. But you are certainly right, my body isn't yours and vice versa. I know that I'm "denser" (if that makes sense) and 150 would be put me about right. And if I ever DID get the excess skin removed, I'd have another 5-8 lbs gone instantly, so I try to take that into consideration when I see the number on the scale...there's a skin factor to realistically consider.

(I think WW should allow for that to be honest when setting "goal weights" for height ranges)

Bottom line is, I want to feel as satisfied as possible when I'm maintaining otherwise, being a lower weight will just drive me insane.

Jen said...

*claps* you may have posted before, but I always love to hear it again...it's really easy to get caught up in what everyone else wants or what their idea of "perfect" is...I refuse to fall into that (as do you!) because I am unique. And as Angie said (I will agree with her too because she is a shorty like me! no offense ang! I like being short! get to wear heels more!) my "healthy weight" should be 135, and while you look fab in your 130's mouse, I can't do it...I have a lot of hips and a lot of boobs and I like it that way...

I have resigned to the fact that I will never wear a bikini, because I don't want to! I will be the classy lady in the black one piece with the oversized hat sipping mimosas and not pulling at myself!!

Ok, I made that all about me...back to you...like I said, you look amazing and you have accomplished FAR more than many people do!! I think you are a super skinny mini mouse...and you're awesome...so really, that's all that matters!

katieo said...

AMEN sista.
Of course you can be like me!
(I have to say, I have felt completely liberated from the numbers. And I'm still slightly neurotic about what I eat and how much I exercise, I just have opted out of the self-punishment...well, that's what it was for ME.)
And uh, you may have the last laugh- just wait til I actually get on the thing on Christmas.

(this post reminded my of this one by thickchick. different. but still numbers.)

eurydice said...

you're right - and that's why ww has such a big range for people of a certain height. everybody's body type is different - striving for a perfection that doesn't exist will only lead to unhappiness.

Randi said...

Hear hear! Quite right I say old chap! (I don't know what that was...)

My body is not your body, and it's not my skinny sister's body and it never will be. So why do I compare with these other bodies and why do our expectations of ourselves change so that we're never quite happy? Let's blame...video games? our parents? i don't know, I do know it's the way it is and it's a struggle every day to look at yourself objectively and be happy. boo.
(but I meant yay on your post, boo on this fact)

Crabby McSlacker said...

I've fallen into the trap of looking at a number as an easy way to measure accomplishment. But a number is just a number, and it's a different number for everyone. Plus, I think the most important thing is living a healthy, rewarding life. And to me, part of health is mental health. I think putting all of one's energy into one kind of accomplishment (weight loss) when there are so many other worthy things to do in life can be counterproductive. I'm not all that convinced that super skinny=healthy anyway.

Great post!

CaRoLyN said...

Great post.

I too get wrapped up in numbers, I'm constantly jumping on the scale and it completely determines my mood. Why do we let that happen? I should be over the moon that I wear a size 9 and not an 18-20 like I did almost 2 years ago but instead I am let down if I see a 1 lb gain on the scale...what about the 70 lbs I don't see on there anymore...they don't seem to matter much anymore when I see the scale go up a small amount. Grr So Frustrating. I wish we could all be as brave as Katie and wrap up the scale!

jodi said...

great post, thanks! i realized a long time ago that i would never be 130, or heck, even 140... my body is just not made to be that thin so that's why i'm shooting for 149 - an even 30-pound loss... i could actually stop where i am now (155) since i feel great and like how i look, but i'll keep going... :o)

Shirls said...

its nice to read that what I read as we are all a success, what determines that success is just different, as different as we each are.

thanks, I needed that!

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

Your body is not mine, but MY body can be YOURS for just $9.99 plus shipping and handling fees... Ah hell, who am I kidding? I'll pay you to take mine!!! I think you rock mouse. Holler at Kris for me.

Mrs. Furious said...

5'6"?!? 135 is great and fit and THIN! 120?... that would be the equivalent of me weighing 105 lbs.. and let me tell you that is NEVER going to happen!

marie said...

I said 120s, not 120. WW says I should NOT go below the high 120s and I wouldn't. And thanks to the many years I was over 200lbs, my body won't allow me.

But there are bloggers out there who are obsessed by the numbers, my height and trying for 120 flat...and part of the reason for my post.

the fact that they eat pre-packaged meals, claim to be on maintenance while pretty much starving themselves and don't eat their APs scare me...especially when they're going around giving advice to others and being somewhat of a role model for others on WW.

but maybe that's me being bitter and jealous. who knows.

maybe that's another blog.

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