I am a terrible, horrible aunt

Yesterday was my other favourite niece's birthday and I totally forgot to mention the cutie patootie's three year milestone on here. So here she is in all of her messy glory... and me trying to help...clean her up :) because icing licked off of a child's face is 0 points, right? We will be celebrating the little monster's birthday tonight, in our typical fashion with plenty presents, food and perhaps some cake :) I promise I won't try and lick her again... I'm sure she'll try and lick me though. "lub" ya, kiddo


Jen said...

aw, you are never a horrible aunt!!!

Have fun with the kiddies tonight!! Is it another chuck e cheese night???

katieo said...

LOL! yeeesh

(beware of the chuck e cheese pizza!)

marie said...

Chuck E. was vetoed today, much to Erin's dismay. My brother was not willing to go there AGAIN in less than two weeks and frankly I do NOT blame him.

It will be a quieter, low key, family affair...although with two kids and my brothers, it's rarely quiet :)

soap box girl said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Erin!

No Chuck E's? That's child abuse. Adorable picture!

Wheebs said...

What a cutie! You sound like such a fun aunt :).

Sara said...

I love that pic - that is soo a keeper!

Have a great time tonight!

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