Google me this...

Feeling 75 per cent better and at work (which makes it about 50 per cent, really). So here's a half ass post about my google searches into my bloggo for the last few months.
  • a nice way of saying you're overweight - my dad always said pleasantly plump.
  • boobs the size of beach balls - there are actually A LOT of searches about boobs into my blog. How often do I blog about boobs, really?
  • fat lazy loud roomate [sic]- er....what exactly were YOU looking for?!?!?
  • decaf good or bad - BAD. VERY BAD. That shouldn't even be a question!!!
  • why does natty have big boobs? - There's no need to be jealous of natty's boobs, and there's no reason to ask GOOGLE for the answer. SHEESH.
  • what makes a tv show good to watch - er, isn't that subjective? Does google REALLY know the answer???
  • paul plakas - At least THREE times a day, someone googles his name and ends up on my blog. ...and I don't think it's Amy :P
  • bom chica wawa tischert - BAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAH
  • large bum, pictures of a large bum - yeah...right. :|
  • embrace the hill - and it wasn't from Toronto - shocking!
  • filipino noodles - mmmmmmm....pansit!
  • throbbing temples - yup! still got 'em!
  • how many cranberry bliss bars in a tray - too many or not enough. Depends on how you look at it.
  • picture of fat runner crossing the finish line - OUCH :(
  • professor mouse - DAMN SKIPPY!
  • my panties were sticking out - Well couldn't you at least tell me? No one needs to see my gotch!
  • does[sic] jon and kate make money from there[sic] tlc show - I would think so! If I had television cameras thrust in my face for hours/days at a time, I would want to be compensated well. It's a BIG ASS inconvenience. Plus, when you appear on television, they do usually pay you. Even current affairs news programs give you a fee for appearing. But that's sort of a personal question, nosey.
  • ow i dont know if i should hug em or slug em now - yikes! someone has some anger issues.
So, apparently people who randomly stumble upon me are angry, T&A obsessed, Paul Plakas fans who enjoy running and watching TLC shows who don't know how to tell me that I'm overweight and my undies are hanging out of my pants. *sigh*


tash said...

This post made me roar out loud in class. It made my day. Love your blog!

eurydice said...

how do you find that out? the searches...?

Sonya said...

oh my...lol...

Now how did you find all that out?

Randi said...

ok now 3 people have asked, how do you find that out?

It's like if you look up throbbing temples or decaf good or bad in the dictionary you see a picture of you. funny.

Candace said...

I took some time and scanned through your picture posts today. Can I say inspiring? It's funny having read you in maintenance, but to see comparative photos like the prom dress, and your photo shoot are amazing and add a whole new dimension. Hope you're feeling 100% soon.

Crabby McSlacker said...

These are great, and love your responses to them.

What is it with boob googlers? I get tons of them too. Aren't there like a BILLION actual sites where you can see real boobs? They must be on like page 974 of their search results by the time they get to us. Get a life, boys or buy some porn or something. Most weightloss and fitness bloggers are not going to be appearing topless on their blogs for your entertainment. Jeez!

Oh and as to how to see searches that got to your blog: you just need one of the standard free statistics programs like Statcounter.

marie said...

Thank you, wise crab!

Just like she said. Use your statcounter or google webmaster tools, ladies! They hold a wealth of knowledge ;)

Sara said...

Glad you are feeling better. My keyword things are never that cool!

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