Tuesday's Eats

er....it would have looked IDENTICAL to yesterday's, but I forgot I was taking pics of my food while eating...

So it WAS waffles, cottage cheese and raspberries again.

Beef cacciatore, brown rice and spinach again.

soooooo good.

uh...not my meal. Kris' lunch.

Fried rice and chicken nuggets.

Who's lunch would YOU choose?

BLEH! Our office stunk for an hour

My afternoon snack!

dinner: homemade greek pasta salad with half of a chicken breast.

I crave greek salad like mad and I love pasta salad - marries the two together. Making it at home is soooo much better and I get so much more for my points.



Pineapple, strawberries, light cool whip and angel food cake!

Never did this before. Was an impulse buy at the store.

Good decision.


soap box girl said...

Wow, looks really yummy! And yay for cooking your own meals. I've never had beef cacciatore, it looks really good.

Erin said...

This is the first time that I have checked out your blog - and you are a superstar! Your stats are amazing, and you look great. Keep it up! I love the food pics, by the way, it is like I get to eat vicariously though someone else.

Lynn said...

The dessert looks good!!

CaRoLyN said...

Looks great! What a great way to stay accountable! I know what you mean about those "extra" points that just seem to get lost. How many points are the waffles? I will have to keep an eye out for them.

Oh, and any chance you can post the recipe for the MExican rice casserole? Looks yummy!

Candace said...

Damn error messages. I had a comment, but whatever - great pics, waffles, blah, blah. Can we get the recipe for the cacciatore?

Sara said...

Okay so no offence or anything but the waffles mixed with the cottage cheese and stuff sort of looks disgusting. But then again cottage cheese is the grossest food on the planet!

I 2nd (3rd, 4th?) the recipe request for the cacc!

katieo said...

Ah ha ha! I totally laughed at that first pic. When I took my food pictures, I'd do that all the time, I'd have a mouthful of food and be all, "dangit, I was supposed to take a picture of this!" I even thought about spitting it out and taking a picture, lol, but thankfully didn't. I'd take a picture of the box or empty package or whatever.

katieo said...
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