Tingly All Ovah

Part of me thinks it's because it's the Christmouse season (WOOHOO), but really it's the frickin' cold.

I'm a walking zombie today but hopefully a good run after work today and eating right today will cure all that ails me. The after effects of migraines are NOT pretty, as most of you know, and I'm thankful I have good medication to see me through.

Just not thankful it makes me a bumbling idiot for hours after (although the guys in my office were impressed with the glazed, blinking expression on my face when they tried to have a conversation with me before I left yesterday. Not sure if I agreed to anything in that state. Must confirm later).

I am also not thankful that it zaps my appetite, as illustrated by yesterday's food choices:


toasted whole wheat timmy ho's bagel with nothing but tomato and cucumber.

I managed to eat half.


Relpax and water.



Realizing I had nothing in me and feeling very shaky, I made lean ground turkey, basmati rice, broccoli, corn and seasoned green beans.

A girl has to get her points in, ya know.

What? You have a few more points to spare? Jeep brought you home a treat?


Peppermint bark from starbucks...in a cookie cutter. YUMMERS.


Jen said...

I hope that you start to feel a bit better...I honestly hope I never ever get a migraine from all the "fun" things I hear about them!!!

Your treat looks tasty! I hope you enjoyed it!

Wheebs said...

There's something to be said for good drugs.

Hope you feel much better soon!

Sara said...

Migraines blow. I'm glad it is gone and I hope you didn't agree to anything to risque!

Okay so what the heck does Jeep do and how the heck does he get all those treats and where do I sign up!!

marie said...

Sara - Jeep works P/T @ the 'bucks.

Hence my love of SFV americanos and the tray of treats in my fridge (as well as sammiches and yogourt parfaits - UGH). It was ten times worse when they used to have toffee nut bars.

In fact, I will take a picture of my Christmouse tree tonight and show you how it has crept into my house as well.

Angie All The Way said...

God I hope I never get one of those....BRUTAL girl bru-tal!

Your supper made me salivate! lol

Angstriddengoddess said...

I've got to check out those little pills next time!

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