Points as punishment

I was thinking to myself this morning that *maybe* I should go back to "losing" mode.


But I thought why?

My problem isn't that the 23 points that I'm allotted each day are what's adding up on the scale each day.

It's the extra ones I'm not counting each day.

So why is it our first instinct on maintenance is to switch back to "losing" mode and not journaling and tracking?

Who are we kidding?

19 points is NOT something I look forward to ever again.

Hell, 23 is barely enough.

So today is about being honest with myself and owning what I eat. I'm tracking and taking pics of my food even to keep me accountable. It's so true about the whole colour thing in our food being so important. My meals today were colourful and sooo yummy (although dinner looks like brown mush a bit, but I know there are veggies hiding in there.

So here's today's eats in pics.

Breakfast: two fibre plus waffles, cottage cheese and a few raspberries

Lunch: Mexican brown rice casserole, cucumber, carrots.

Snack: Fibre source bar and yogourt

Dinner: Beef cacciatore, spinach and brown rice

there. OP and happy :) Greatest hell on earth.


meredi said...

Oh man, SO true. I have been in "losing mode" for a few weeks now, and am just barely staying afloat for maintenance. I've thought of taking your approach -- just be honest about EVERYTHING, and give myself my real amount of points.

Will do that as soon as I lose these 5 extra pounds :)

Krissie said...

I LOVE food pictures! I get such good ideas!

Bri said...

i read this as i stuck my hand in a tub of crack cookies (the kind that aren't that good but you keep eating them anyways)...thanks for the reminder...

Mandy said...

I totally get what you mean. Sometimes it feels like a prison we're trapped in. Love the photos of the food - your dinner looks especially delicious and healthy!

Trish said...

That waffle breaky looks YUM!

Shirls said...

what gets me is that I do journal and keep track of it all and I can't stay at goal, WTF? anyway food porn, always love food porn ;0)

Angie All The Way said...

Good point! Excellent idea and I love the pictures!

Sarah said...

I totally agree with the losing mode mentality.... I feel like if I'm not losing, then I'm gaining.. for some reason I really suck at 'maintenance'!

But now I really AM trying to lose again... and I wonder if its just for my own sanity after reading your post!?

eurydice said...

good idea with the food pictures.

i am the same way thought. when the scale is up i think about losing mode right away. but why not... it's one way to lose whatever you've gained - and it doesn't last forever, only a couple of weeks. :)

and 19 points is def. not enough.

Bi0nicw0man said...

I hear ya sister. I just rejoined online yesterday to see if I can actually stick to my daily points for a while. Even typing up my daily menus hasn't been working lately because I just don't bother writing down anything extra I consume. Maintenance is definitely soooo much harder than losing!!!

I have to try those waffles!

katieo said...

How did I miss this??
Love the pictures, and I agree, great food ideas...like vegetables.

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