Oh to be six again....

Friday was birthday party one of two for Syd so I tried to be good on the whole for the day...

I sooooo wish I had that kid's metabolism. Although she spins around like a top so that's probably why she can eat like mad and be a little twig.

She's a cutie pie (despite my brother's inability to snap a clear picture of his adorable daughter...).

Here's my attempt at staying remotely near on program. I did pretty well.

Li and I shared sushi for lunch.

Bento Nouveau - good sushi and good NI! (and my friends work there :P)

Dinner at the Quarry Cafe in Scarborough - where they know my entire family by name, pretty much.

Always start with the soup...because Erin will eat it on you so you don't have to eat the whole thing :)

Lasagna with greek salad

Skipped the bread (another thing for Erin to eat) and had only half the salad and half of the lasagna.

HAD to save room for....


today is Chuck E. Cheese

Le sigh


Mary said...

I think you're safe... for now. If you start accumulating vast quantities of nieces, these birthday celebrations might begin to add up.

On the other hand, the amount of exercise you do? All that boot camp stuff? You can get away with it :)

CaRoLyN said...

Food looks yummy! Birthdays aer a tough one! Cake everywhere and treats and yummy food. and you have TWO! Good luck! Hope you did great!

Angie All The Way said...

Food pics are a great idea. I stopped posting my menus and I should start again. It makes me plan.

Your neice is ADORable, but you know that!

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