Last time I checked I was allergic to spam

So I leave my e-mail up in my profile because I see nothing wrong with being accessible to people who want to contact me. I figure if people want to know more about me, have questions about my journey that aren't contained in my blog or want to ask something they're afraid to post about publicly, they can fire me off a quick e-mail no problemo! But in the last two weeks, I've been getting odd e-mails from weight loss companies and blogs asking me to "partner up" with them. Is it just me? Do you get them too? These two I thought were kind of funny... 1. A campaign geared toward the "African-American" community, encouraging to them to get fit and lose weight spearheaded by a "celebrity" doctor. AWESOME challenge! GREAT cause! EVERYONE should be involved! ...one thing - I'm a Caucasian Canadian. According to your site, I'm not exactly welcome. Why did you send it to me to promote? I don't see the connection. I of course sent them a reply :P NEXT! 2. A New York web-zine that partners up readers with nutritionists and personal trainers to help them achieve their goals. Goal....goal...goal. hmmm. I think I reached one of those in July of 2006. I think I mention that ON MY BLOG. The thing they mentioned they READ. Other goals then maybe? Like that one where I wanted to run a half marathon? hmmmm.... Yeah, I think I'm good. He got an e-mail from me as well. Odd how I get no responses though :( Don't spammers reply back :P


Shirls said...

yikes! I don't ever respond to spam, I've found that it just shows that your email addy is a valid addy and gets you on more and more email lists..

marie said...

shirls - this isn't an account I really use beyond blogging.

my *real* account I care about I never sign up for things with ;)

otherwise it would NEVER be out in the open.

I know enough about phishing for that.

CaRoLyN said...

I got the NYC one too, complete with promises of having my own personal trainer if I would only mention them on my blog. Ha.

Angstriddengoddess said...

Me too! They must be making the rounds.

I did give in and publicize the PBS Marathon show on NOVA, but I figure that gives me credit next time they ask me to pledge something. :)

katieo said...

(what. hey. where'd my comment go? It disappeared!)

anyway, yeah I get them too. (grooooan)

(sorry. the longer version of this comment -poofed- into thin air...)

Angie All The Way said...

I got one from an online health and wellness site geared toward women in early 30's I think who wanted me to mention them in my blog and they were going to link me on theirs and wanted me to send them a logo.

(I'm not quite 30 yet thanks!)

But I did reply asking a few more details etc., but the "editor" never wrote me back. So I'm guessing they randomly send the message to people hoping they'll link their site just because.

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