fake bombs and fake food

So I went for my run last night...and I felt like ass. I started strong but started lagging hardcore.

Lucky for me we encountered a big old road block up at bloor. Apparently some asshats decided to post a fake bomb at the ROM in addition to the YouTube clip below sending everyone into a tizzy and RUINING a CANFAR fundraiser.

KUDOS, fucktards.

Made the group do a huge detour round the U of T campus instead of the shiny glass building and I finally made my way home for some eats...

Vanilla yogourt, cottage cheese and oatmeal

Tofu, spinach, broccoli and whole wheat linguine.

I think I may have to stop eating tofu. Methinks this is the reason I've been getting headaches lately...


But I was still hungry....

So I made waffles with frozen mixed berries and added light cool whip.



Jen said...


Personally, I like your pics of cottage cheese...I really have to remember to mix mine with yogurt!!! I actually had some for breakfast this morning with my toast! YUMMERS!!

And yes, soup is such a wonderful invention for chilly days!

Sara said...

Can I just sing "R-E-S-P-E-C-T"!! I don't know how you do it running in the winter!!

I'm jealous of your waffle. Oh my gawed that looked good!

Crabby McSlacker said...

I love that you have the label "asshats." I was disappointed to see there was only one post so far, but I trust that's only temporary as there are certainly plenty of asshats around doing ass-hatted things. I look forward to future additions.

Shirls said...

fucktards?? I think that and "bunch of donkeys" are my new favorties :0)

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