Saturday Eats anyone? A drawer full of British chocolate? Yum Yum! So, uh...this appeared in my house today as Keith has returned from his trip across the pond to visit his beloved and brought us a bounty of EVIL! The BEST is the Yorkie though. The packaging says that it's not for girls and even has a women crossed out on the O. What's up with that???!?!? Luckily this drawer is in Jeep's room and not mine. I will admit to having a piece of the Yorkie, some buttons and some other thing that tasted like a wunderbar, but not a full bar. I was good today though with my food, just wasn't in the mood to take pics as there was nothing "new" to take pics of.

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Lady Shanny said...

Oh my gosh! British chocolate is amazing! The production manager where I work is from Scotland and his wife ordered in some Thornton's Chocolate buttons from Britain. I was fortunate enough to get a packet of them and for 5 points for the whole packet, they are well worth it!

I found you through your interview at wltips.com. The chick that runs that website emailed me and asked me to do an interview and I wanted to make sure that real people were on there. YOU amaze me! That's such a huge difference in your pictures. I'll definitely be back!

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