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I'm dependent on pills to keep me pain free on a daily basis. These magical pills make it next to impossible for me to drink. So when I read this bad boy online today that states that the medication I take is actually being used to help treat alcoholism, I kind of first wondered about the use of drugs to fight alcoholism but then I as I read on I was baffled by the fact that... somehow they're STILL drinking. How, is beyond me! The study followed groups of people who suffered from alcoholism. Some were given a placebo while others were given topamax, an anti-convulsant that is used by many to treat migraines, like moi. The study shows that with the group on topamax, reduced their daily drinking habits to about a six pack a day, down from their daily average of about 11. Now let's have a look at the Mouse topamax group - One drink; tipsy fun good times. Two drinks; DRUNK, nightmares at night and hungover the next day. Three drinks; nightmares, hungover and sick in the morning. Four drinks; someone is probably carrying me and I will be in bed the entire morning the next day. HOW THE HELL ARE THESE PEOPLE DRINKING?!?!?!?!?!? The odd thing was, I was told NOT to drink while on these pills as in rare cases it causes an alcohol intolerance. HELLO? that's me! I guess I'm just an anomaly. I am the human mouse after all.


Sarah said...

Did the article mention the body composition/weight of the participants in the study? Maybe they're just literally BIGGER than you are, Mousie!

What about your own tolerance for alcohol before these drugs? Were you able to 'hold your liquor' then or were you always a cheap drunk ;)? Since these are people accustomed to drinking 11 drinks a DAY, perhaps their tolerance for alcohol, even when combined with the medication, plays a role?

VERY interesting drug, though! Hmm... is there a way to get a doctor to prescribe this stuff for a "functional alcoholic"?

marie said...

You raise good points, Sarah, and it is totally the drug.

Before I could go out and drink until the cows come home, albeit I was a social drinker, but a regular friday night binger.

As soon as I started the medication, my tolerance went from multiples to none.

So that's what leaves me absolutely baffled.

But I may be up against people of varying sizes. I am just a mouse in the end.

Sara said...

Back in the day I use to work in the Mental Health field and Topamax is a common drug for those with mood disorders (esp Bipolar) and those on the medication are also given strict instructions to not drink. So it is so weird that it is also used for alcoholism (I've never heard of this). I agree with Sarah that it must be that their pretopamax daily tolerance was double what it is on topamax. Really interesting!

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