Today is not going to be a good day...

  • I have a training session to do at a new client
  • I haven't met them yet
  • That scares me
  • But in the same way it's good because I'm free from my desk for a day
  • Fridays are the days I have to buy my own coffee on the way to work
  • But it's bad because I also bought a pumpkin cream cheese muffin
  • Starbucks is an evil temptress
  • My tummy now hurts
  • I'm thinking I have something wrong with it maybe after last week
  • I cannot wait until tomorrow so I can run again
  • Does that make me a freak?
  • GTG with the GDT ladies tonight
  • must....avoid...bad...food...gah!
and now I flee my desk for the far regions of TO. I think it should be a law that all lawyers must set up their practice in the downtown core. HMMPH


Jen said...

OOh, good luck today with the new client!!

I saw those evil cream cheese stuffed wonders at Starbucks...gah!

Have fun at the GTG tonight!

Candace said...

I hate being punished for indulgences by my own body nonetheless. Next time, make sure you split it with a friend so you can be bad and good all at the same time. We're women and allowed to be contradictory, after all - or is that contrary, or indecisive. Hell, we can be whatever we want.

katieo said...

I went to a fancy shmancy banquet this week. The food was Uhhhhmazing. I was bloated and kind of nauseaus for 2 days and if I had to do it all over again I would. Although it does suck when the indulgences aren't quite worth the yucky hurts.

jodi said...

wow, pumpkin cream cheese muffin sounds awesome - good thing i limit myself to one starbucks visit a week! i learned the hard way years ago - i used to eat their scones all the time and finally got smart one day and looked up the nutr. info... holy cow! haven't had one since! yikes! :-o

good luck on your run, hope your tummy feels better soon... :o)

Angie All The Way said...

I am starting to get the "need" for running thing. I've been doing my cardio on the treadmill (shhhhh, don't tell my doc) and I loooove it. I just wish I didn't hurt now - which explains why I shouldn't be doing it! It's the only cardio exercise that I actually enjoy.

I work at a law firm outside of downtown in puny Halifax and I love that I'm not downtown - avoiding rush hour traffic from Halifax core is great. Then again, Halifax isn't that big and mighty that it's a big deal to get anywhere either...I heart Halifax now that I think about it. But I can't wait to come to TO and visit Tasha cause she's moving there to article in a firm in downtown TO :-)

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