life is good

  • i haven't felt any substantial pain since the half
  • eating has been a breeze the past two weeks - no real snack attacks or point gaffes
  • the 8k run last night with RR felt effortless
  • only a week and a bit until my second chance at a half and i feel more confident this time
  • the leaves are starting to change colour which makes me happy
  • hockey is back
  • the habs won their season opener
  • the leafs blew a lead and lost theirs (bahahahahahhah)
  • i get to host turkey dinner on monday
  • my cutie patootie nieces will come over and wreck my white couch and steal my toys
  • the sun is shining in my office window
  • i'm smiling for no good reason


Heather said...

I love smiling for no particular reason...I find smiles are contageous and should be spread around as much as possible!!!

Candace said...

Sun and red, orange and golden leaves ALWAYS make me smile.

Lynn said...

Your post made me smile.... life seems so positive for everyone right now.

Have fun w/ your nieces!

Sara said...

The best thing about going home to Hamilton is that there are so many trees and they are all changing colour!!! Good Luck with hosting duties!

Angie All The Way said...

You're a habs fan too!!!! Yay! FH is a leafs fan and we're a house divided.

Mel said...

So glad you had a happy day!! Hockey is one of my favorite sports to watch.

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