It's a week of never-ending mondays...

  • I'm stealing Amy's list format because she's hot and cool and stuff
  • I know it's Tuesday but it still feels like Monday
  • This will keep going until Friday because I have a training session to prepare for a new client and the people in my office don't seem to care
  • They think I should be doing all sorts of other work too and not worrying about the big chunk of money I'll be bringing in
  • I do not enjoy 10-12 hour days
  • I am itching to run but my body is still aching from being sick and torturing it for like, uh, 16 weeks and two half marathons (yeah, um, what was I thinking exactly?)
  • It's the last week of my crappy bootcamp
  • I am expecting to see no real change in my shape and weight as I have been eating like crap since Sunday night
  • There were incidents with buttertarts
  • They contributed to my aching tummy
  • I actually smiled at a small dog in a sweater today and almost had the urge to pet it
  • I said almost, it's still a dog
  • Yeah, I must still be sick


Jen said...

I am having the exact same feeling this morning (a week of Mondays)....it's quite discouraging actually...I am hoping that I make it through this week with a shred of sanity...

I don't think those buttertarts will kill you...but they might not make you stronger either...

Vanilla said...

It must be something in the air, because I too am having a week of Mondays. Eating crappy usually makes me feel better in these situations.

Amuldoon said...

You're right.. I am hot AND cool! :)

Watch out for those little cute-sy dogs in sweaters. I was running once, and got attacked by a WEINER dog.

2 stitches, a tetnus shot and 12 hours later I left emerg.

yes Marie... stay away from the little fuckers. They're dangerous.

Thats why I have cats! ;)

shel said...

delurking to tell you that i'm on my second day of mondays. it's going to be THAT sort of week. i feel your pain. :)

heaven help ALL of us dealing with the mondays this week.

Bri said...

Yes! Today felt like monday for me too but I wanted it to be Saturday. as a result, I've been neglect my work and online shoe shopping instead. am bad bad bad.

Mandy said...

you rock

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