it's not easy being green

yeah...I'm lost. But today is Blog Action Day and we were all *supposed* to relate our blogs back to mother earth and how she gets kicked in the box and all by us humans. Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day So perhaps we can our part as little weight watchers today, and every day, to ensure we protect the land that gives us so much...
  • cut down on 100 calorie packs: as great as we think the portion controlled treats for us are, we spend a helluva lot more on them and end up producing more waste as a result. We're better off buying bulk packages of goldfish, cookies and crackers and portioning them out in reusable ziploc containers.
  • chug-a-lug: we WW kids love our water, but how about we love it out of a reusable nalgene bottle or something like it? Do we really need to buy Evian and Fiji water everyday and wasting so much plastic that doesn't always get recycled? |
  • leftovers are yummy!: Eating out for lunch everyday is not only gluttonous, but produces a fair amount of waste that isn't properly sorted at food courts. Being the health conscious people we are, we're all about bringing our lunch, right? Many of us rely on prepared frozen lunches, but that's going to cause waste too although many of those trays can be recycled, some offices don't have the infrastructure to support it. Bringing homemade lunches in reusable containers ensures that little to no waste will be redirected to a landfill near you!
So what else, kiddies? what are your green WW solutions?


jodi said...

thanks for posting this, i decided to participate too... i did the 100-calorie pack thing once, i never thought it was very economical... i mean, how hard can it be to just portion out your own stuff? ;o)

Mel said...

What a great idea! I am soooo guilty of the water bottle thing. I've been surprisingly good about the 100 calorie packs and pack my goodies, but you caught me again with the plastic baggies. I go through them!! Thanks for making me stop and think...I am going to need to go hunt up some plastic containers I suppose!

Crabby McSlacker said...

Good suggestions!

My biggest environmental crime recently was probably the overuse of air conditioning this summer. I hate being hot! We were temporarily renting a place where it's way more hot and humid than I'm used to, and we weren't paying the utility bills ourselves so... um... we were a bit irresponsible about our use of the AC.

But now that we're back home I swear we'll be better! Thanks for the post and the reminder to be more careful about packaging.

TrixieBelden said...

Thanks for posting this. I totally think your ideas are great. My ideas aren't so much weight loss related, but I'll give it a shot:

I take a tote bag with me when I go shopping for groceries. That way I don't use the plastic ones they have at the store.

I'm also a big fan of the library. It's a great place to get books, of course, but CDs and DVDs too. Cutting down on spending on consumer goods might not help the economy, but I'd like to think the reduced consumption helps the environment in the long run.

soap box girl said...

Oh, wow. I am really guilty of the plastic water bottle, thing. Good point, and duly noted.

katieo said...

Blog Action Day?


Here's my tip: walk instead of drive when possible. More exercise, less bad stuff in the air.

JavaChick said...

I agree with you....but I do love my Evian, not sure I can give it up. The other stuff just doesn't taste the same. :(

I can handle the rest of it though!

Mandy said...

excellent post. I agree on all points.

1. ziploc goldfish: it's not only more 'green', but it's much cheaper.

2. I have 3 nalgene's and am in love. That way I'm able to put them into a rotation where they get put through the dishwasher on a regular basis to keep them germ free.

3. Mmm... leftovers for lunch: my fave! Those LC meals are too small anyway! A big ol' pot o' soup on the stove is fantastic for lunches. :)

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