i soooooooo didn't need to see this in my race kit



Fine! For the size of the bag, it's only 2 points, but why tempt me with treats before I do a half? You've already saddled me with two boxes of cereal in my meagre bag of loot, adding these treats in just isn't right.

And then to have them stapled to a flyer for CHOCOLATE FEST?!?!?!?!?!??

Yeah, I didn't believe it either, but it exists. It supports a worthy cause but it's still ten kinds of evil staring up at me here...especially the 9-11 chocolate relay - police, firefighters, paramedics AND chocolate? HELLO!?!? Who dreams this stuff up?

This has to be the strangest race kit I've ever picked up. Junk food along with MSM joint formula pills. Don't want to mix those up!

However, I would like to shake the hand of the person who included the inflatable balloons in the kit. That should provide endless hours of entertainment here in my office.


Jen said...

That's pretty insane...chocolate and men in uniforms??? SOunds like a hormone fest to me!!!

I say run a little and enjoy your 2 pt treat...or pop them in the mail attention Jen....

Shrunk said...

Too funny...every runner needs their Clodhoppers ;o)

Marky Mark said...

Have a great race! (I'll be outside the Starbuck's at Yonge and Brookdale waiting for a friend to come by and give me his tearaways-should I hand you a latte?)

marie said...

hahaha - how about a Sugar-Free Vanilla Americano?

i'll treat it like a water station. :P

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

Hmmm... no Clodhoppers in the US... would you like to "post" them to me? I'll swap you for the Zingers.

Mel said...

Ok chocolate fest?...Weird! But I gotta question...what is a clodhopper?

marie said...

are you serious? no clodhoppers in the states? they're like chocolate covered graham cookie bits. they come in a bunch of different flavours.

more info for yas

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