freaky friday

For the scotia half, I wasn't scared, but really nervous This time for the Toronto half, I'm pretty relaxed but I'm having nightmares. Last night I was being lapped by walkers, was running without my chip was on the 5k course. What the hell does that mean? I hope it's just because I had potato chips before bed and my body was punishing me (I earned them though!).


Shirls said...

that 21km is as much of a breeze for you as a 5km, so much you could do it while eating chips!!

personally I think this is a much better analysis of the dream ;0)

Angie All The Way said...

I'm with Shirls lol

Oh god if we start analyzing dreams, I'd be outcasted I'm sure lol

Sara said...

Maybe you are having nightmares b/c now you acutally know what it is like to run a half!!!

Good Luck on Sunday I'm positive you will rock it and get a PR!!!!

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