This is where a GBU should be…

Because I had an amazing weekend full of AWESOMENESS (plus some crap that was smack your forehead stupid, only happens to mouse type stuff [like shitastic customer service experiences at my beloved starbucks]).

But there’s no GBU. Sorry kids.


Because I’m letting a harmless comment get to me. Yes, that’s what I do.

I love that people come here and speak their minds, I do. I encourage it. please, don't stop. But the anonymous comment yesterday got to me. i know you didn't mean it the way i took it...but

really, you don’t know if the person I was talking about was a friend, a boyfriend, a girl, a guy, or a family member.

I can get excited if I want to and I will. I know the long and hard road ahead. I didn’t lose the close to 100lbs myself overnight…yes, that’s right, that’s how much I’ve lost since I was 21, I sometimes forget that. My weight watchers journey only helped me lose close to 70 but I was larger before. I’ve lost and gained before this. Please don’t tell me it’s hard, I know. I live it every day. This isn’t effortless. I don’t wake up and slide into size 6 pants every morning. Some days I stuff myself into them, others they fall off of me. I have good, bad and ugly and I will for the rest of my life.

There will be pressure no matter what way you slice it. For me, I feel more pressure NOW then I did losing weight. I get a million more comments asking me to please eat more today than I did to encourage me to keep going to lose another X pounds when I was going for my goal. I'm not SO goal driven that I’m going to pressure a family member (there, I said it – not a friend, someone in my FAMILY) who has decided to make a change. HE (how do you like that, ladies?) isn’t looking for a huge loss, nor does he need it. He just needs a few lifestyle changes because his health is really compromised by his weight. If he can change a few behaviours he’ll be better off in the long-run. That’s all I’m hoping and praying for.

Every person's journey is personal. Just like I offer my two cents on everyone's blogs about what has worked and not worked for me, I don't sit there and put pressure on them when they succeed or have setbacks...and we all don't know each other from adam really :P but we appreciate that life happens and we soldier on.

I love this lil man more than life. If anything I’m always afraid that I don’t live up to HIS expectations and in NO WAY do I ever want him to think that he doesn’t measure up for ME.

All I want is for him to be healthy and happy and live a long life…

So that one day he can walk me down the aisle, play with my future kids and have them call him grandpa.

yeah, i suck at keeping secrets.


Sarah said...


While I don't think the person who posted yesterday was completely unjustified in what she said (I know how hard it is to feel like you're letting people down when you don't lose weight like they want you to), obviously she didn't read the rest of your posts or read your profile or know anything about you!

WE know how hard a journey it's been for you! WE know how you've struggled. And there's no one better in the world your Dad can have in his corner than you. You are awesome, you are such a supporter. You're a cheerleader for goodness' sake! *\o/*

GO MOUSE'S DAD! We're rooting for you every step (forwards, backwards, side to side) that there is :)

Angie All The Way said...

My eyes are all welled up here Marie at my desk when I'm supposed to be all hard assed today dealing with some jerkhole lawyers...jeessh!

The person has a point, but only because this person doesn't know the whole story and is likely a fly-by poster. If ANYONE can lend support and advice to a person who has decided to adopt a healthy lifestyle, it's YOU and anyone who has done so themselves. We're not talking 10 or 20 or even 50 lbs here, we're talking ALOT of frikkin weight and You, and everyone who has done so has earned some serious "street cred" on the subject. Anyone who is inspired by it and decides to do the same is sooooo fortunate to have a resourse like you! And anyonen of the same gene pool as you has got to appreciate your drive and motivation for what it is, whether or not it's the same for them won't matter.

I sure wish I had someone, ANYONE when I first started! NO ONE I knew was doing WW and I did it online and didn't even start blogging until waaaaaaay into it! I'm sure glad I found you guys when I did because I can't say where I'd be right now, you just don't know.

katieo said...

I'm with angie, totally didn't expect that I'd be tearing up by the end of this!

I understand the whole pressure thing, but I'm sorry- how you could NOT be excited by this whole thing?
I think it's awesome.

Shirls said...

sweet! go Dad, go Dad!

Sonya said...

Well...that almost made me cry...

well said, girl, well said!

Amuldoon said...

Your poppa is one lucky guy to have such a rock solid, supportive daughter.


Crabby McSlacker said...

Wow, that's so wonderful that it's your dad! Very moving post, and I'm totally glad you can't keep a secret. I'll sure be rooting for him.

~Paige~ said...

love ya sister! so glad your dad is doing this. i wouldn't worry about what the anonymous poster said. i don't think they necessarily meant it in a nasty way but it kinda came across like that. you are awesome and you will be an amazing support for pops. go you. now where the hell is the gbu? lay it on us

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

I think it's beyond great that you're so excited for someone you love to join weight watchers... I would feel the same way just KNOWING what a huge impact it has made in my own life, makes me SO want my loved ones to have the same thing... I think you're great and anonymous posters are SNATCHY!!! :)

Jen said...

bah...I have tried to write this comment like 50 times and I can't get it to say what I want it to say...


1) Mwah! I ♥ you and everything you stand for


2) Go Mouse's uncle!!! It was your uncle right??? (I'm kidding!! Go Mr. Mouse's Dad!!! you are going to be an awesome cheerleader for him!!!)

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