I hate people

who have birthdays and people who buy them cake. luckily birthday boys cut you the tiniest of pieces of cake when you give them the evil eye. I do adore how we get subway platters around here though. Too bad bootcamp doesn't earn me enough APs for cake. Let's hope I make it to the running room before it. I'm so throwing my wristbands at the perky cheerleader tonight. p.s. I hate all Adobe/former Macromedia products. Yesterday was Dreamweaver, today I am Flash's bitch.


CaRoLyN said...

Why can't birthday cake be pointless???

Sara said...

I'm glad I work in an office of all sales guys - it is too "girly" to celebrate bdays therefore no cake!

Have fun at bootcamp!

marie said...

sara - the ratio is like five guys to every one female here and they ask if we can have birthdays EVERY week.

I'd DIE!

There's still half of the cake left and the kitchen is behind my office. *sigh*

katieo said...

"...who have birthdays and people who buy them cake."

I confess, I'm a cake buyer. (darn kids have birthdays EVERY year. sheesh!)

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