i don't know what you heard about me...

Krissie did it, so i'm doing it too (because she's super cool and positive and i ♥ it) 8 random things you didn't care to know about me but you will now learn
  1. I hate the bean and legume family, pretty much - kidney beans, chickpeas, whatever, yet I make kick ass chili and i have a thing for hummus lately. Explain that one to me kids.
  2. For the life of me, I can't whistle. I can sort of whistle by sucking air in but not out...well, half ass I can but only since I had my wisdom teeth removed a couple of years ago, but it's only for like two seconds and then *poof*, it's over.
  3. I have nine earrings, pierced my body four other ways and have three tattoos yet I look so innocent :D
  4. I know a little bit of sign language, which always baffles people who try to sell little sign language cards on the street and aren't really hard of hearing (and is fun for subway trips - you can "eavesdrop" on conversations).
  5. I've only cut my hair short twice in my life... that I can remember. First at the age of 7, which continued until a lady stopped my mother on the street and exclaimed, "Oh! You have four boys!" To which I replied, "No, I'm a little girl." Embarrassed, she countered, "well you're a pretty little girl." The hair re-growth began then until I was 19 and I chopped it all off again for some odd reason. I think I wanted to feel liberated or something, seeing as it was my first year of university. I just ended up looking like a bloated cabbage patch doll.
  6. I have kept a journal since I was ten years-old. Writing has always been a passion of mine, a pen is my best friend, and words are incredibly cathartic. It's just sad that the Internet has been the death of the English language....and my spelling and grammar :'(
  7. I have never told anyone of the opposite sex that I've loved them besides family members.
  8. I just realized I haven't eaten any meat this week. What is up with that?
feel free to add to the randomness in comments. i lurve learning 'bout y'alls.


Lynn said...

9 earrings and piercing, plus tattoos! You do really look innocent though, lol :)

I enjoy writing too, it helps me get out my thoughts in a healthy way.

eurydice said...

whoa! lots of piercings - i used to have 9 earrings too - but now only 3 :) and i just took out my tongue ring last month.

i'd be interested to know about your piercings and tattoos!

jodi said...

i love looking innocent - the only piercing they can see is my eyebrow rod and when people ask about my tattoo - i say, "which one?"... :o)

Angie All The Way said...

1)The only guy lucky enough to hear those words from me is the man I'm marrying - even though I did feel it once, hard. I still take some satisfaction that I never said it to him for good reason! I take even more satisfaction now that Facebook has taken over, he's contacted me, apologized for being the dick that he was and told me I look good....lol

2)I started keeping a diary when I was 11 until my babysitter tormented me with it - she stole it, picked the lock and started belting out what I was writing about which included the boy I liked which was so humiliating to an 11 year old. I tore up every page and never kept a journal since. Now, I love to blog.

3) I used to get perms in my hair - until one buzzed my bangs off at the age of 14 - I wore a headband bandana for ages til it all grew back...never had a perm again and my hair is as straight as a pin and won't really keep any curl at all.

4)I think I'm a bit of a micro-manager. I have a hard time letting other people do tasks if I think they won't do as good a job of it. I'm working on that.

CaRoLyN said...

I can't whistle either...drives me nuts.

Hmmmm...4 "Other places" piercings, not our little innocent Marie!

I've got a thing for Hummus too lately. Do you make your won? If so what's the recipe??

Heather said...

I also cut all my hair off first year university...and dyed it bright orange...have no idea why when I see the pics....lol.

Jen said...

OOh, I might have to steal this one from you my "innocent" Mouse!!

Odd random fact about me, I know every cheer and move from "Bring it on" and drop them randomly into conversations...it drives Danny crazy.

Pam, the belly dancing queen said...

I can't whistle either and I hate beans--I too make a great chili though!! I make mine w/out the beans which my DH refers to as.......spaghetti sauce!

A little unknown fact about me...my in-laws won the lottery years ago and our house is paid for--nobody on the street knows but would love to ; )

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