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It's funny how people come to our blogs, don't you think? Some just come through the siggy lines on our message board posts, others through links on other people's blogs and some come through friends forwarding the link to them without you even knowing (but then again you went and let yourself be interviewed by a major publication, it's not like the damn thing is hidden...). But then there's Google. I think this is the FUNNIEST source of links into your site ever imaginable. If you have stats on your site, you should TOTALLY take a gander at least once a week at the keyword analysis and see how people stumble upon you from all over the world. Here's a smattering of how people have discovered my little space on the net:
  • calories burned blow drying hair (I'd have to OWN a blow dryer to know, eh?)
  • amazing biceps (yeah, i know I do. who wants tickets to the gun show?)
  • sportchek employ* picture (baffled, seriously. someone have stalker tendencies?)
  • not comfortable in my own skin (I'm getting there...)
  • busy bee funny (bumblebee tuna?)
  • calories in a jos louis (i just know the super one is 14 points...never again.)
  • how many calories burned in moksha yoga (why don't you visit moksha yoga's site?)
  • pedicures ticklish (which reminds me, I need one. I should go to the one with the buddha with the donut, eh?)
  • vanilla flavour plug in air freshener (is the devil! makes me think of cupcakes in kits!)
  • is peanut butter bad before a workout? (peanut butter is always RIGHT!)
  • should i buy my fat friend clothes (of course, she deserves to look hot too)
  • dominion sucks (AMEN! The black hole!!)
  • "always wore white panties" (BAHAHAHHAHH - note: i hate white underwear)
  • girl i think i'm losing my mind (i never had it to begin with)
  • i am losing my mind and want to get hit by a truck (er, I hope that person sought help)
  • dump truck thank you card (i wonder if that was my brother stephen...)
  • guys know the boobs are fake (what on earth are they looking for...)
anyone else have good ones?


Natalie said...

That's so funny! I've never checked that out before. Now I will!

Jen said...

I have certainly never checked before!!! I just might now!

Amuldoon said...

How do you know that?

marie said...

amy - check if the counter you have includes stats or not. mine does. pretty nifty.

Angie All The Way said...

lol I think FH did that for me once and I remember seeing things like that! Too funny, what the hell are people trying to come across with that search criteria?

katieo said...

Oh, those are TOO great. My favorites are the blow drying calories and peanut butter workout.
I gotta go check mine, lol!

Mel said...

I have always wanted to do this, but can't figure out how to make it work. I use Technorati...is there a way to track it through that do you think? If not what kind of tracker should I use? I wanna have some fun too!

Shrunk said...

I'll have to check my stats out. LMAO Marie, you are hilarious! Thanks for the laugh. I know that I am always amazed by the number of people who visit my blog. I don't even write anything! I'm boring...unlike you. It will be interesting to see how people find me :O)

Bi0nicw0man said...

Ha, that was awesome. I never would have thought to look at that. On a fun note, it looks like you and Jen are both regular contributors to my popularity. Thanks ladies!!

As for Google keywords, "doddling" came up twice...referring to one of my rants about country drivers. Everything else was pretty normal.

Marky Mark said...

Henry VIII gout

Not happy about that one!

lainb said...

what stat reporting site do you use? the site I use doesn't report google phrases, but I'm curious now! please email me or leave a comment on my site to let me know. Thank ya! :)

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