You can map out your run 'til the cows come home

Gmaps Pedometer, Mapmyrun, walkjogrun - they all help us choose routes to length when we need em. Today I needed 7km (but I'd settle for at least 6). So I got up and chose a route carefully going up Yonge St. to the BEAUTIFUL Rosedale Valley Road. For those of you outside of To, this road is a long stretch without any lights that feels almost like a nature path. Cars do go zooming past you to Bayview Ave. but you feel so separate from the city almost. It's also of note that this a part of the Toronto Marathon route, so I like going out and doing it regularly. So thanks to one of the trusty sites, the route was set - HURRAH! - and off I went. the downside - these sites do not tell you when roads are closed. I knew there was construction on Rosedale Valley when I ran down it two weeks ago, but this time the sidewalks and road looked completely closed. I decided NOT to chance hopping over a fence and getting caught somewhere and ran up Yonge a little further instead. Looks like nature will have to wait for me another day. stupid technology!

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