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I'm a consultant for some, er, legal software packages that shall remain nameless... From time-to-time they send me leads. So and so asked us for a demo recently, follow up and see if you can close the deal for us... Sometimes I like these E-mails because they're like found money. Other times it's annoying because they're students downloading the software and there is no way they'd ever be a client, they work in a larger law firm and aren't the decision makers in buying the software and why the hell am I doing this, I don't work for them?! You're the sales rep. Earn your commission on your own! Anyway, a rep from this very well known company E-mails me today and sends me a lead from Windsor... WINDSOR! Hullo! I live in TO! let's look at a map of southern Ontario, shall we? NO WAY IN HELL I'M GOING 4 HOURS AWAY! I don't even like going to Scarborough! I sent him back an E-mail saying that was out of my realm and he said a phone call wouldn't hurt. HURT?! is he paying my long distance? Silly Americans.


Shirls said...

oh, little mouse, apparently your not aware of the American study of Canadian Geography, EVERYTHING in Canada is right beside if not in Toronto... ;0)

Bi0nicw0man said...

Ya, if you live in TO...do you know my cousin Stu in Mississauga?


(I work with Americans too...I always have to explain that Victoria is on the island above Seattle....)

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