let the love-in begin!

so the loverly Krissie tagged me in saturday's bloggo written about 10 things she lurrrrves. She's wanting some pos-o-tivity round these parts, and that's what she's gonna get. let's rock it. Food: Do I have to pick one thing? sweet jeebus! I guess we're talking meal like food? meh...i lurve it all! that's what got me here :P Although I could survive with chicken, whole wheat pasta, broccoli, tomatoes and some parmesan cheese for the rest of my life. I'm a simple girl, i tells ya. Fruit: Apparently we missed the memo. I am not a fruit girl but I try my best. I stick to berries and pineapples. Won't deviate much further than that. ...unless it's in a pie or hidden in ice cream :P Veggies: I literally got sent home from that BBQ yesterday with a grocery bag FULL of veggies. how kickass is that?! I am a broccoli freak! I eat it everyday at least once. carrots and cucumbers every day at lunch. Celebrity: ah crap...well I lurve Jon Stewart but in that I want to have his baby kind of way (too bad he's over the moon about his wife...but that does add to his charm...) But he's got the entire package; he's cute, witty, smart and funny. Just too bad that he's on late at night and i tend to crash before it's on. I'm so lazy. Event/Situation/Incident: any time or place where my immediate family is gathered together. We were all amassed together yesterday at our friend mongo's BBQ and hilarity ensued. Imagine four adults trying to fit on a fisher price kids table. Can I just say how much I love my brothers? TV shows/Movies: I have become obsessed with shows about weight loss and plastic surgery. It's a sick fascination. I have respect for those who attempt weight loss programs in front of cameras, I get angry when people give up and say it's too hard, I get fiercely mad when people take drastic medical measures to lose weight before trying programs on their own and am insanely jealous of the tummy tucks. Then I watch a movie like Beautiful Girls and I long for the guy who will tell me "good night, sweet girl" every night, despite my imperfections. that would melt me. Music: the louder, the better. I love my rock/punk/alternative/whatever the kids want to call it today. For example, the five of the top 25 played on my Nano:
  1. Sober - Tool
  2. .44 caliber love letter - alexisonfire
  3. misogyny - Rusty (it's old, but it has good memories attached)
  4. wait & bleed - slipknot
  5. Pornogratherapy - Every Time I Die
I do have a soft side. It just doesn't appear on my iPod :P Household Chores: Sorry, I'm supposed to like cleaning? are you kidding? Around the World: I'm slightly confused here...but I guess I lub that there IS a great big ol' world out there that I can choose to explore at any time. That some governments take the initiative to protect areas and precious resources such a heritage sites, wildlife, forests, etc. that I can experience and appreciate. About Myself: that I become stronger everyday. I may fail challenges with respect to food from time-to-time, but there are so many other ways in which I'm gaining ground. Today I pushed myself in a 16km run when I wanted to give up after 5km. It was mentally tough more than physically, and I got through it and in the end helped someone else who felt THEY were struggling. Who knew pushing my limits would be beneficial to others? :) That was fun. Feel free to add your two cents and loveish lists too! :)


Krissie said...

thank you, thank you, thank you.

The one about "the world" was much easier to answer as a "hate."

Again, many thanks!

Jen said...

MMMM, I LOVE Jon Stewart...and Stephen Colbert...*sigh*

It kills my mom that those are the only news shows I watch!!!

Angie All The Way said...

This is so fun! I am really busy today, so I won't likely get the chance to sit down to do mine, but I WILL!

Thanks Marie, it's fun to learn new info about you guys!

Aimee said...

Hi! I found you through Krissie. I just wanted to say I love your blog! Congratulations on your weight loss too! Awesome! I'm going to add you to my list of favorite blogs. :) Thanks!

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