How a mouse deals with stress

  • She runs - but a kick in the gut winds her something fierce and it ends up being a crappy ass run...that and she left her pretty blue puffer at work, so she's really sucking wind. Tempo becomes crawl.
  • She doesn't want to eat - so much for that planned dinner, which she was salivating over all afternoon. she did force herself to eat in the end though, but it ended up being raw veggies (broccoli, cucumbers, carrots and celery) with canned salmon. Yes, she knows she's weird.
  • She has to talk herself out of a trip to the store to see her bfs, Ben & Jerry - because those blasted peanut butter cups (yes, the chocolate on them can be a bit messy but the cool whip stays firm, she knows what you girls are talking about), made her want the peanut butter tracks ice cream soooo bad. She swore up and down that the funk would be cured by the teeny tiny pint and the run yesterday and today's would counteract it all. Thank God this book distracted her enough last night that she didn't put her shoes on and go down to the store.
  • She writes - because that's what she's always done. It's cathartic. But all of you know that already :)
Same menu pretty much as yesterday, just a different LC meal for lunch but same point value. today I WILL have the dinner I planned for yesterday though and sneak in a WW muffin as a snack instead.


Jen said...

I can't believe you resisted Ben and Jerry...even just reading it made me salivate!!!

I am going to pick up the book you are reading...I was needing a new book!

Crabby McSlacker said...

Crabs love it when mice write about themselves in the third person!

And good going on the B&J avoidance. Anyone who can figure out a way to satisfy herself with canned salmon and raw veggies instead of peanut butter cup ice cream gets an honorary PhD in Temptation Resistance!

soap box girl said...

No kidding, Crabby. Good for you passing up the Ben and Jerry's. Yay!

Shrunk said...

Dammit, you had to mention those p'nut butter cups. I can NOT make another batch. I'll eat them all again :O|

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