HEY! I'm Walking Here!

the best laid plans of mice and men (and cute little asian bus tours) that take you to far off places...or maybe some cool ones near by like New York, don't account for the fact that LIFE GOES ON IN THE CITY DESPITE YOUR PITHY LITTLE TOUR!

there. I've been wanting to spew that all weekend but it was falling on deaf ears.

despite my Manhattan tour being thwarted being sort of crappy it was cool...

because it was stopped for the NYC half marathon. I was being kept from my stupid harbour boat tour, Rockafeller Center, Ground Zero, one tourist trap after another....(but not the naked cowboy in times square. we'll get to that bad boy tomorrow!).

So you want good times?

Watch four bus loads of clueless tourists bent on catching a stupid harbour tour boat try and race across an intersection against runners.

Guess who I was cheering for?


Jen said...

OOOH, New York...I am SOOO jealous!!!

Have fun! (I saw your nekkid cowboy pick you naughty girl!)

soap box girl said...

Yes, have fun! I know you will! :)

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