GBU - shopping edition

Good - when you're finally fit enough to command the attention of the sales people in snobby yorkville stores when you walk in the door Bad - when they don't have a size 7 in a cute little dress so your friend grabs you a size 5 and you trudge off to the dressing room to try it on a little depressed because you're certain it won't fit you Ugly - after a little shimmying around, you get into the dress but just don't like the way it feels. the sales guy is standing there behind you, blowing sunshine up your ass but you tell him you really do need that size up and that you just aren't a size 5. he says you're right. you're actually trying on a 3. eep! Good - I tried on a pair of cute capris at Guess and now fit into a size 28, which thrills me because i have big motherloving hips. Bad - they have a tie around it at the waist that jammer referred to as a harry potter tie Ugly - I almost put them back because of that but instead chose to buy them and will whip her with the tie every chance i get Good - this weekend seemed to be a good weekend for giveaways on the street including a new razor - whee! Bad - one of them was sweet and salty bars - my trigger food. Ugly - we passed them twice :( I have like a bag full of them now Good - Lasenza underwear is looking more and more like Victoria's Secret stuff - LURVE it! Bad - I just ordered a whackadoo of stuff online the other day Ugly - it won't be coming for 2 weeks - le sob Good - walking around for three hours after brunch earns APs and burns off brekkie Bad - walking around for three hours after running 12km and a lower body workout in flip flops hurts your feet, legs and ass Ugly - Me thinks i'm developing a major injury in my right footsie


Jen said...

Aw! Poor footsie!!! wearing pieces of foam strapped to your feet will do that!!! (I don't know why, I CANNOT wear flip flops!!!)

Isn't it an OK thing that you were shimmying your fine ass into a 3??? That indeed you COULD be a size 5???? just lookin on the bright side :)

Angie All The Way said...

tee hee hee, you're so cute. I was at Vic Sec in the US for the first time and that's the first thought that came to me what that it reminded me of La Senza.

Now that I'm not the biggest size in the store, I have the hardest time choosing between sizes. I have to give my head a shake sometimes because I still have the mindset that "if I can get into it, it fits" lol I am now in the habit of trying on a few sizes because sometimes I'm 12, but others, I'm 10.

You have got to be a 5 if you managed to semi-pull off a 3!

meredi said...

omg... sweet and salty bars. I used to eat two for breakfast, pre-WW. soooo good.

am sort of sad and also glad that I missed the free handouts!

Amuldoon said...

a 3?? Holy shit woman.. go eat some chocolate! ;)

marie said...

hahahhaah - thanks amy.

but don't worry - i had to buy a pair of size 8 shorts at another store to fit over my thighs. i was just embarassed that i was so adamanant that i was NOT a 5 and i was wearing an even SMALLER dress.

can we have some consistent sizing puhlease?!

Sara said...

Yea to such a great shopping weekend. RICE that footsie of yours!!!

Born to Run said...

Dang you're fit! That really motivates me to get my butt in gear.

I hope the injury is nothing serious. Take good care of yourself.

Anonymous said...

I love you marie!
You are hilarious blog queen of the desert.
Ok. maybe of Toronto.
An urban Junglist Princess.
this is excessive. you rule.
guess who?

here's a hint:

soon you'll be cleaning my pubes out of the sink.

marie said...

omigawd?! my new favourite roomie?!?!
how did you find me? :P

choppedrelatedliver said...

from your old favourite roommate. who else?

Mel said...

So jealous of your shopping trip... and the size of clothes too, but we won't go there cause I will get there too!! I'm so excited that you had a great time shopping and got some cute things.

soap box girl said...

Hey! You are wasting away! A size 3? Good grief woman. :)

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