From the mouths of babes

"what's a blob?" - ah that kid Sydney...You can't talk about anything in front of her! I showed her what they were and of course she got excited (mostly because it involved going on the computer). She loved seeing pictures of people she knew, getting excited to point out her granny or her uncle john. I love watching that kid discover new things every day. ...and then there's you babes. I like how YOU know when I'm talking smack and have the grace and dignity to put in your two cents to show that the world is not always "according to mouse." And I never said it was, nor will it ever be. I do believe the title says something about mumbling though... So don't feel as though you need to adopt a sock puppet to comment to me - good or bad. I'm not unapproachable. The anonymous feature is there because I have family members who read and leave comments but don't "blob" here. I don't want to take away that feature from them because people feel they need to use it to have a conversation with me about something that's bothering them. We're all adults here and I think we can express our thoughts, feelings and emotions pretty coherently. So thanks to you babes. You all make my day, every day :)


Angie All The Way said...

I accept you for the sassy girl that you are and I love reading your blog. Everyone needs to be relieved of "pixie dust" that sometimes clouds people's reality of the facts.

I know that you're an intelligent person that can take criticism as much as put it out there. That is the most important and respectable part!

Anonymous said...

I don't necessarily read your blog everyday but now and then I do log and see what' up. I don't know who has been giving you a hard time but I think you should let them know that "Auntie Maureen takes shit from no-one". Let me at em.


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