holy celebrations batman!

too many birthdays today! luckily, I will see no cake :) there's sarah who's a world away on us (but probably partying it up in Berlin as I type). Then there's one of my second mommy's sons who is celebrating today (second mommy in that she was my babysitter when my mom when back to work when I was eight years-old. She is an awesome lady who took in pretty much half the neighbourhood and fed us grilled cheese sandwiches and zoodles at lunch every day while we watched the flintstones and you can't do that on television...sigh...the good ol' days....). Then there's the most important one to me (sorry). It's Aunt Mojo day!! Whether you see this or not, you're one heck of a role model to me. Your strength, leadership and courage in the past few years is nothing short of an inspiration. How you managed to stay OP through tough times too (even for short bursts) should be recognized and praised. You've done so well for yourself, come so far and I'm proud of you. You are one of the reasons I got right back on program when I fell off in 2005 because YOU were doing so well and I wanted to follow in your footsteps. I'm still trying to work on the quick wit and twisted sense of humour but I don't think I'll ever get there. So much for being a mini mojo :( But I've always looked up to you and I always will. So thanks for being such a great aunt :) lub you p.s. I heard sausage rolls are zero points today.


~♥ Amanda ♥~ said...

happy birthday to everyone! and i agree, sausage rolls are zero! lol!

Anonymous said...

I am truly touched, I muddle through life and think I am a total failure in all I do and to all around me. Just goes to show how much better off I'd be if I stopped punishing myself for all my mistakes and concentrated on successes. It amazes me that I am anyone's role model, I only see myself as a roll model, especially around the tummy area. ha ha ha
Thanks for your beautiful words, God comes through when you least expect it and he chose you to send me this message. I am humbled.


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