and on the sixth day mouse rested

Today is an off day from everything - no running, no gym, nothing out the ordinary as tomorrow is the big ten miler race. I admit, I am scared crapless. It's only 5km short of my half marathon goal and 3 months short of my training. Don't know why I'm trying it NOW but I guess I'm out to challenge myself a little...if anything I'll treat it as my regular Sunday LSD and do 10:1s but I'm going to try and run for as long as I can but at a slow pace as I'm not looking for a record or anything (and I'm so not a running superstar who's eligible to win anything). So yesterday's white pant exercise worked out well...until I went to visit my nieces...where I learned TWO valuable lessons: 1- white pants and two year-olds do not mix 2- don't go near a five year-old with a pair of scissors. you will get cut. I love my arthur band-aid covering my boo-boo though :)

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Jen said...

*laughs* yes, also note that white pants and puppy dogs don't mix (though I am sure we don't have to worry about that with you and your animal phobia!)

I HAVE to have kiddie bandaids...mostly Hello Kitty...they just make the cut heal faster...right??

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