Weekend Round-Up

  • Bought me a Garmin 205 (because I know I won't use the HRM on the 305 so spending the extra 100 bucks is pointless). I used it on my 10km run this morning and was utterly confused.
  • My chiropractor, who I see every month, has finally noticed I've lost weight (and then asked what I did - was happy I chose Weight Watchers). This confirms what I thought before -he is a tool.
  • Busted out the bike yesterday to go watch John play ball and was pleasantly surprised to see my brother Kevin has joined his team too! I love watching my brothers play ball but it makes me wish I could play ball this summer too :(
  • ...oh, and the bike ride was awesome. Riding around with Jeepers was mucho fun! I should do that every weekend!
  • "Marie! you look fabulous! did you not eat all winter?" - I seriously wanted to cry.
  • hmmm....maybe I should take the bike out again today. It's so pretty and it would be a shame to stay inside. But after running 10km and riding around yesterday, my ass hurts...I think I'll live vicariously through the rest of you for today :)
Enjoy the day!


Shrunk said...

I busted out my bike this week too. It was actually a really good workout! I thought it would be easy, but my heart rate was higher then it is for my runs.

Amuldoon said...

I'm busting out my bike as soon as Andrew gets home from work! :)

Look at you all fancy-schmancy with the 205! I'm jealous of the small size... I still sport the 210, but I wear it proudly!

Krissie said...

Did you not eat all winter? I love it!
By the way, you are also awesome because you won my contest! Go you! Email me your address at questionsfordessert at gmail dot com and I'll get your cds out before the end of the week!

Laura said...

Biking is great! I brought my bike out back in April and have been riding to and from work regularly since the beginning of May. Yeehaw!

~♥ Amanda ♥~ said...

i'm so jealous, i want one of those garmins! and that bike ride sounds fun!

meredi said...

Yay for biking! Glad you had a great time. It's such a freeing feeling, going nice and fast and smoothly... I love it!

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