serious case of the monday blahs

  • my scale is blah - a combination of it being crackers and perhaps not counting well at a bbq on saturday and brunch yesterday morning.
  • my skin is blah - including a lovely sunburn on my back from shoddy sunscreen application, (but luckily no rash - my allergy seems to have disappeared)
  • my tummy is blah - or maybe it's my appetite. I stood at the fridge this morning (which is FULL of yummy veggies), looking for something to make for lunch and NOTHING appealed to me, but then I ended up going to the grocery store and buying veggies for lunch.
  • this heat is blah - it makes it hard to breathe & I'm all sweaty and gross.
  • my workouts are blah - oh wait, I'd actually have to GO to the gym for them to be blah. I haven't been in almost a week, but I've still been running about 25-30kms a week.
  • my comments are blah - i haven't been reading everyone's blogs as faithfully lately. why must work get in the way every day? hmmph.


Jen said...

blah blah blah hey...*laughs* I have to agree!!!

I look in the closet, nothing to wear.

I look in the fridge, nothing to eat.

Sit on the couch, nothing to do.

I don't envy the heat...right now we have been in the low 20's...I like it...

Angie All The Way said...

Your turn for the blahs...inevitable I think from time to time. You rock, and you'll snap out of it. 25 - 30kms/week = holy crap, nothing blah about that!

Sara said...

I'm blah too - but more of a sickly blah. I hate today!

Wheebs said...

I hate blah days! I hope Tuesday is better!

Go to the gym :)

CaRoLyN said...

Those good ol Monday blahs....hate them.
Things will look up though...they always do!!

Mandy said...

hey, we all have our 'blah' days... it's all a part of life, eh??? 25-30 kms in a week? That's not blah at ALL!!! you rock!

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