Second Class Citizen?

Ah, the great divide between Weight Watchers members...oh wait - not all of us are "members," silly me! This li'l bit always bugs me. How we're categorized based on the way we follow the plan and have different entitlements based on each. I am a "subscriber" according to their definitions, and as such, am not entitled to as much. I am not entitled to be weighed in at meetings, attend meetings or purchase little goodies at said meetings. What's that about? I pay my registration fee the same as everyone else. Granted, I pay a little less every month than "members" do, but I'm not getting weighed by someone else so I shouldn't have to pay the overhead of staffing, upkeep of scales or rent. But I do feel I should be allowed to drop by a meeting every now and again, say I am an ONLINE MEMBER (none of this "subscriber" bs) and buy some damn candy or a book or something! And heck, listen to a leader talk about anchoring, or soup or congratulate someone on losing 25lbs that week! I could use a little inspiration every now and again. I just think there shouldn't be this big distinction between our two groups. Yes, we follow the program differently and do have advantages on our own, but to give us each different titles then to say "no, you can't come to our meeting and buy a chocolate bar because you aren't a member" when you already take our money - well, that's a big ol' slap in the face. Especially when I've been to your meeting, I bought a whole boat load of stuff and I know the secret handshake. Take that!


Jen said...

Ah yes, the elusive secret handshake!!!

Argh, that is a huge beef I have with WW....we should start a petition!

Angie All The Way said...

I'm with ya sister...I had to get my friend to go and buy something for me when she went to her "meeting" and I felt like I was doing some sore of side deal or something! At the veeeeeery least, they should allow us the option of purchasing their precious items online as a "subscriber" that are being sold at these "meetings."

Not fair I tell you! But they are in the business of making money first and foremost and want us to pay the additional fees to register again! Oh, let's not forget that we have to pay extra fees for transportation to photo shoot notarizing documents to be a success story....hmmmm!

Bi0nicw0man said...

My pet peeve is that we can't get "lifetime" status. If we want to remain part of the WW family after goal, we still have to part with our money. Tiny bit annoying!

Laura said...

I agree with you about this problem, but from the other side. I attend meetings. I don't easily have access to the e-tools that you have access to. In order to get access, apparently, I have to fax a photocopy of a current membership book to New York and then they will *mail* -- yes, as in the *post* a password for the e-tools. It seems like too much work so that I can have access to recipes and other things that online members have access to.

It's been explained to me that the reason these 2 entities are kept separate is because of money. While the meetings and the website are both Weight Watchers, they are different and separate businesses. I guess it really does always come down to money. :(

As a meetings member, I have to say that it's

jodi said...

commenting on the picture post - i love #2 and #5, you look so awesome... the other ones remind me of the cheesy, model type poses photograpers make you do - why, i don't know... i did some model tryout, in college, at some hotel and i swear the photos are the same! weird! either way, you look great! :o)

Sara said...

It is a big problem. Marie you should totally write a complaint and call it discrimination (since they know you) b/c you could say it was that and that would definitely wake them up! Going to meetings and buying the products is for all members - no matter online or regular.

But I think you could probably still go - leaders and receptionists make commission on product sold so I would think that they would welcome you wanting to buy stuff. I would always sell to nonmembers and I know many woman would come in and call it a bday presents for a friend (this friend must be 100 w/all their weekly bdays!).

Cowgirl Warrior said...

How big are the meetings in your area? I'm a meeting member but the other day I dropped in to buy something and I didn't show anyone my member book and they still let me buy stuff.

I see people by pass the weigh in line and go and sit down for the meeting all the time.

Just a thought.

marie said...

uh...I'm in TO, we're kind of a big deal here :D meetings are big and small and I have attended one myself.

it's just that i've also read about how people have been stopped at certain ones from purchasing items because they aren't a "member", they are instead "subscribers" and yesterday someone posted about how they called WW even for clarification and heard the same distinction from the horse's mouth.

I personally was told I could come back to that particular meeting any time I want and to buy as much as I wanted, hence the second last paragraph. I just think if there's going to be rules and categories, they should stick with them and apply them evenly but really we should be given equitable treatment because we all pay for the same product in the end, it's just the medium that's different.

Natalie said...

How right you are! I don't know why there is such a division between us. Let's break down the wall, hold hands and start singing kumbaya.

meredi said...

I know, it's ridiculous. I can kind of understand the no 'lifetime' thing because there's no way to know who's telling the truth and who's not. That sucks, but there's not a lot that can be done about it, obviously. But the stuff you're talking about -- it's really dumb. Why can't they mail out membership cards (with expiries if necessary) to online members so they can get into meetings and/or buy merchandise?

Laura, just so you know, it's not that hard as a meeting-goer to get into eTools -- I faxed them and got an email (not snail mail) with info a day or two later. But I do resent having to pay soooo much more money above and beyond what I pay for meetings. They should really do some sort of package deal where you get both for a reasonable price.

This aspect of WW definitely sucks from all angles!

Shirls said...

I don't understand this either, as you know I'm a meeting member and we have many on-line members come to our meetings and purchase what ever the heck they want, actually I've never seen anyone been turned away and I've also never seen anyone being asked to prove they are a member either, I think it all depends on who you get at the desk. As a leader you would be nuts to turn someone away, after all they get a percentage of sales..

oh and as a meeting member it drives me nuts that I have to pay more to get etools, I think that is just wrong!

Mandy said...

I was JUST thinking of this today.... it is a big peeve of mine too. I feel as though we are 'second class' or something because we can't buy things at meetings. That's nuts. I agree that the least they could do would be to allow us to purchase stuff online! If it's a separate business, why not go 'all the way' and make some real money by selling us the stuff we want to buy! Geez!

Krissie said...

I'm in Kentucky, just joined a few months ago, and I am on a monthly plan where I pay $40 once a month (at a rate less than weekly meetings and a little more than e-tools alone) and get both unlimited meetings and e-tools. It seems to be the way most people are joining now. I get a new card in the mail every month after the dues have been automatically deducted from my checking account. If I lose it (which I have now done twice), I can just print up another one from the internet to take to a meeting.
I realize that this change may not be in Canada, and it is too late for many of you to take advantage of, but at least here the system is changing! Some progress is being made!
(Will I still have to pay for e-tools once I am lifetime? I don't have an answer for that. It's one day at a time for this gal.)

CaRoLyN said...

I know what you mean!
Out of the 18 months I was on WW, I only attended one WW meeting because I went with a friend just to see what it was like. But it still irks me that I am not allowed to buy any of the WW products other than those sold in stores. they even have a WW store here in my town but I am scared to walk in as I thinkt hey will look at my like I have the plague and tell me I can't buy anything....it's too bad really. what do they stand to lose?

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